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Can’t Sing Like You Jack


I thought it appropriate to add that Pyramid offers both the hex core and round core options in flatwounds.

As said, the round core is a vintage style, offering sustain and is an exact match to their Selmer/Hofner Beatle string offered in the '60s. The hex core is performance flat string that is a bit stiffer but lasts longer, as it's less prone to unravel.

Choice is good. Pyramid Strings is about the only company that is giving you all the options (IMHO). That's why I deal them.


Thanks, BB.

As far as I can tell, Gibson now sells two J160e guitars, the standard and the Lennon Peace, the latter of which has ladder bracing. Is the Peace guitar the one that's dead as a doornail? It's a 750 piece limited edition, and it ain't cheap!

Apropos to nothing, I have an old J-50 with square shoulders and an adjustable saddle (no pickup). It's sounds pretty Beatley to me and others, but I use phosphor bronze strings. You make me curious as to how it would sound with round core Pyramids.

Thanks again for the info.


Yes. The Peace model being ladder braced with a plywood top and adjustable saddle is "dead as a door nail". Put on good flats and a vintage spec ceramic saddle andit comes alive with Beatle tone.

If you're unsure if you're looking at Beatle spec J160es, the key visual is the adjustable bridge. All of them equipped with the adjustable bridge are the "door nails", so to speak.

Don't think I'm being hard on them, because I have one! It's a tool that does the job with a unique percussive tone - What we hear on those legendary records.

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