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Well I am always in scenes where I don't know if I am going to be playing guitar or bass until I get there. That's one reason why have had so many 6/4 doublenecks ... there are have been 7 or 8 of them and still eaten up with finding that one Carvin.

So these guys made a few Fender style guitars where the bottom 2 strings are actually bass strings. I hope we can convert it to 3 strings. They had one model with just 1 lo-E bass string which was for some kinda metal-drone scene.

For me tho it's for Timid Folk Music and Dork Sing-Along scenes basically with thumb doing bass and 1st 2nd and 3rd finder doing chords.

Sp the plans are made -- gloss clear on the neck, and some cool color on the body. As to the rest, hope we can convert D to a bass D. PIckups ...lots of options for that and wiring. Might even be 2 outputs for different amps or channels on an amp or PA.


I’ve actually thought about that concept for ages, except my idea revolved around a baritone style guitar, using Fender VI style bass strings for E-A, and normal guitar strings for D-G-B-E, except maybe not tuned that way. Makes me think a bit of the B-52’s Ricky Wilson.


I forget what his tuning was. This is just for the Timid Folk Music I do. Still we are moving ahead and there might be 2 in the works.

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