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latest demented project


Demented yes, but very useful for me... Korean Epi 6/12 changed to a 6/4 w Korean EB O bass parts. 12.5 pounds. Now I really have to move a few pieces to get the budget back in shape.


Not demented in my eyes !!!! I’d take one in Natural.


It's all set up great and sounds good even the Korea buckers. The other pair FS up here somewhere. Master volume between necks!


Wearing that isn't for the feint of heart!....or shoulder!


A wide strap helps a lot, also worn way up high.. .there is neck dive but not too bad. I could go wild w/ improved pickups, etc but you take a bigger hit in the end when it comes time to sell. The stock mudbucker and pair of Korea-buckers sound ok enough.


Looks good---but just seeing it makes my back hurt.

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