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kool Eastwood bass


Might take the plunge here... I love EB-1s, had two originals, would like a 1969 reissue, but the rare 32" scale has me jazzed. Even put a real mudbucker in it? Can't tell if it's Korean or Chinese, or set neck or bolt on



eb-1 is just about my fave bass ever...from little richard to felix to jack (cream reunion)...that eastwoods body dimensions are way off!!..epiphone had a crazy bolt on version (with standup rod!) back around '99...looked better

don't do it!...the real gibbys are works of art!!



The Eastwood looks hollow. Real f-holes.


Nice! I'm a van of violin basses also. This one's not quite like the original, but takes a bit from all of the Gibby models, and Epi's take on it, and added a bit of Hofner as well. Gibson style pickup and bridge as well. I like the upsized banjo tuners, too. All for $600 retail. Nice bang for the buck.


Are these Eastwoods Chinese or Korean? Bolt on or set neck? Can't tell. What is odd is that Epiphone from 15 or more years ago..the body shape wasn't the same either but Gibson was behind this so it could have been.... Might troll for the Epi and stick a real mudbucker in it. CAN YA RELATE

Would like a '69 reissue but not for $5K etc.

Of course back in '56 was when/where Hofner got the idea for their violin bass .

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