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Joe Tritschler (Crazy Joe) Selling His Guild ‘62 Guild T-100-DP


Just an alert here for you Guild fans that Crazy Joe Tritschler is selling his '62 Guild T-100-DP to finance the purchase of another guitar. If you guys are interested and it's still for sale you gotta contact him now. Don't know how much he's selling it for. I do know that he's a great guitarist who has respect for guitars and a smart guy, a professor of engineering at a university in Ohio, so you know he took care of the guitar.


Also - encourage you to buy his music, great player and fun. Love crazy joe and the .... Mad .... River..... Outlaws!!


Seen him perform in concert twice. Amazing player. He told me I was the first person to ever ask him to autograph a guitar. Very cool. Still have the guitar.


I'd love to play that custom Crazy Joe guitar of his!


Crazy Joe is a great guitarist and showman! Saw him with Deke Dickerson a few years back and it was a fantastic show.

So where is the listing for the guitar? Would love to see pics/price?


I saw it on Facebook. Not sure the details but he said it was for sale.

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