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I had an Artcore at one point. Nicely built, but over-built. Sound was a bit choked. Pickups pretty dull.


carlo robelli is the sam ash house brand they are ok


Epiphone Joe Pass, can be had used for around 3-4 hundred. Mine is superbly built and has a very resonant sound.


Carlo Robelli guitars are built by Peerless in Korea, and the higher end ones, like the one you pictured, are stellar. I have a Robelli ES-500, modeled after the Gibson ES-5, and it is wonderful.

The model you pictured has only a neck pickup, which is great if that's all you want or need it to do, and the fingerboard mount leaves the top free to vibrate. Great for warm, rich tone and acoustic projection, but more prone to feedback at higher volume, in case that's an issue.

I also own an Epiphone Joe Pass, which is a great and very comfortable guitar that does perfect warm jazz tone as well as rockabilly, country, blues and rock.


The Carlo Robelli EL-500 seems to be modelled after the D'Angelico EXL-1, which is a great jazz box. The D'Angelico is also made in Korea.

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