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Are these Chinese, or Korean, or from somewhere else?



Various sources at various times. Early on, Korea (I think), then one of the first brands to buy Chinese. I’ve had several - still have four I quite like, all from 2003-04. They’re Chinese. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re Indonesian or Vietnamese by now.

The brand used to offer some interesting models alongside the bottom-feeding copies; the last I looked, all that was left was the copies. But they’ll always be from the lowest-cost source, wherever in the global economy that migrates.


If I got the year of one I'm interested in, could you maybe guess at a country? When did Turser builds begin?


If I got the year of one I'm interested in, could you maybe guess at a country? When did Turser builds begin?

– DCBirdMan

It's not the Jay Turser "Shark" guitar, is it?


I was first aware of the brand around 2003, when it was a product of Music Industries - who sold it in 2009. I don't know how long the name had been used before that.

According to wiki, all production is still Chinese. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/...

At a NAMM show around 2006 I visited with the guy who ran Music Industries and developed the brand. He was an actual guitar guy, which explained why there was once a variety of interesting models in the line.

I don't think the current owners care.

What guitar are you looking at?


Oh the Shark.

Some dumb ideas too...


When I was on a T-Bone kick, I whim bought a Jay Turser JT-134 archtop hollow body in natural, this was in 02. I still have it. It was and is a well built guitar. I do believe it's Chinese. As to be expected, it has some weaker pickups in it but everything works correctly, it stays in tune, and has aged to a fine amber color.

After that, it seemed they sold LP copies with lots of bling to Strat copies and a lot in between. I've been pleased with it for the most part.


there's a interesting Turser up on Reverb, an odd little thing that's kind of like a 24" Dynasonic with Jazzmaster pickups and vibrato. i'd think about it if Squier Jazzys weren't so cheap.


On the Shark...

A Walleye guitar might sell well in Minnesota.

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