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Good info. I've got a couple of 1M pots that I've tried in a number of guitars with different pickups - initially thinking it would be a "good idea". In every case it was always too shrill for my taste.


An anodized pickguard warms the sound? There's a lot of mystical sound voodoo going on in this article, thanks for posting.

Edit - Without promoting voodoo, or any kind of thing-that-cannot-be-definied - the article has some amazing SCIENCE in it.


Great read!

Having studied Wide Range Humbuckers, alot of the same can be said for their unique sound- it's not just the pickups themselves, it's also the no-longer-available CuNiFe magnets (only one builder ever sourced any for reproductions, and it was prohibitively expensive), and...

...they used 1M pots. And Telenator (the guy with the CuNiFe) said that 1M pots make all the difference... but ONLY with the Cunife mag versions, they are way too bright for anything else.


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