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I ain't never seen one o' these befur.

While Scott was getting acquainted with his new Falcon on Tuesday, Sunir said to me "Hey, take a look at this"

It looks like a solidbody but it's a light-as-a-feather hollerbody with some graphite reinforcing rods, a V-neck, some groovy knobs, and switch tip unlike anything I've ever seen, on a guitar, or elsewhere. And the faux-gator case is a nice touch.

If I wanted to become one of those one-guitar jazz players and forsake the Bigsby (neither of which is likely to happen), this'd be a fine choice for the "one-and-only."

It's used, but pretty spotless, no idea what the price is.


not the guitar I was expecting from the subject line "Jackson" - wow!


The guitar that asks a question exactly no one had: what if Jackson made something else?

The answer to which is another question: why?


Well I can't say that I don't like it. Very nice. Through string hollow-body, eh? That's interesting.


That's pretty dag gum cool! I didn't know they made such a beast either. Hey, if it sounds good and plays good, what the heck! Did not see that a comin' !

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