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it’s baaack — and glad to have it back


Did a deal and this came back to me in this deal... now never to leave again. Useful for lots of things. You just never see them this clean anymore.


Congratulations. How did it slip away from you to begin with? Another deal that just had to be made?


It happend because when I got it, it was in a scene where I needed an acoustic guitar and didn't have one. So it was traded for that short scale darkburst D-18, which I am very happy with. This was all the local GC. The a few months later bought something online from that had problems and was a return. They still had this so I just used that return credit. Still trying to figure out how heavy I can go on bass strings without putting the bass neck ( no adjustable truss rod) in peril. Seen lots of bent ones. This one is straight, but once they get bent they are pretty much toast.


Love it! Very funky...

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