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It Isn’t Easy Being Green


Oncet upon a time I owned this over-quilty Raven 12-string in fluorescentgreenburst. Despite swapping in GFS RetroTron pickups, we didn't bond, and it left for Australia.


Electromatic G5622T, 2013

in gorgeous Georgia green, body-color pickup surrounds, dump the pickguard, add Tru-Arc™, tweak the switching for all possible combinations. Truly evergreen.


Reverend Airwave 12-string, 2017

Minty fresh!


Is this a Soviet guitar? I wonder if the headstock was the inspiration for the Gretsch TKs of the '70's.

– lx

I'm told it's a Soviet guitar.

The boys have a few of them now, and surprisingly, they're good players!


Telecaster with Jason Lollar HB sized P90s. It's a rock and roll machine with a fat midrange tone!


I want a Green Guitar...have come close a few times. They sound better....


I'll play --- I've got two. First up is a Sanatoga JT Hawk 12 string. John Hall put the kibosh on these shortly after they hit the market, even though they aren't a copy of any actual Ric, it looks and sounds Ric-ish. Only with a nice comfy-wide fretboard.

And my Dillion DR-500 I --- 24 fret neck and creamy tone with massive sustain, but also very crisp bright clean tones.


1959 Country Club. The most spectacular guitar I own.


Love a bit of greenery. Here is mine with a proprietary bridge that I can’t show you.

Either that, or freshly out of its case and box after the long trip home from Streetsounds and the 2017 Balto-DC Roundup.


Green machine? I've got a few (and have had a few others)...


Caddy Green Broadkaster Jr. before a few mods.....


Same Caddy Green Broadkast Jr -- on the left -- with Tru-Arc Serpentune, Wire-Arm and a "BricksBiggsFix" on the Bigsby to correct tuning stability problems (works like a champ!!).

You know what the guitar on the right is......... I though about painting it green to comply with this thread, but.......


Another old friend (also Caddy Green) with wire-arm, Tru-Arc and Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Dynas.


One of my Penguins.

The bridge pickup isn't original, but I'll be putting the original T-Armond back in when I get the chance


Not mine and not a Gretsch, but I love this new creation of Tom TV Jones !!!!


Proteus just won the internet today. Again.


Never owned a green guitar,i did have an American standard Strat in ocean turquoise metallic back in 2001.

That looked blue in the shop but when i got it home it looked more of a greeny blue,anywho, i liked it and kept it until my stupid car decided to die 2 years later,had to sell it to help pay the repair bill.

I'd love a Caddy green Club though.


Some real beauties in this thread! Does Pelham Blue faded to green count? '67 Melody Maker, had it since '76.

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