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It Isn’t Easy Being Green


But it's not terribly hard, either. Surprised no one has done a thread with this color theme. We'll start with a double-barreled shot.


Followed by individual shots.


Kinda wish I still owned this one. Or one of the others I used to possess.


Sometimes ya gotta do it yourself.


Being green may be fairly easy, but it can be Tricky.


And green can make you go low.


I've been waiting for this thread! I love green Gretsches... And again, I need to get my camera out and take the time to produce some decent pics. For now here's my 6120ssugr:


Does it have to be Gretsch? This Starfire V was a topic of discussion over at Let's Talk Guild.


I have no idea whose guitar this is but they are wonderful guitars. This one is within 10 numbers of my 2001 Blonde.


How about surf green?


Well, since surf green is the new orange for me, yeah, we'll accept it, and all brands are welcome. I'm surprised Ric12 hasn't inserted a pic of that wall o' green D'Angelicos from NAMM yet. We'll give him some time yet.


Couldn't let this one pass...

– Deke Martin

That's the classic beauty. Vintage or modern?


Green from far, far away


Green from far, far away

– crowbone

Is this a Soviet guitar? I wonder if the headstock was the inspiration for the Gretsch TKs of the '70's.


I was thinking of calling the green thread "Eat Your Veggies." This is probably better.

I've had some greenery - but we've moved from the country cabin property where the pic was taken in 2013, so I own about 10 less acres than I did. The Aspen Green 5420 and the Matchless Lightning Reverb amp are also gone.

Still have the 2004 Country Club, 2006 Dyna Jet (both of which are the Best Guitar in the World, 2009 Anni Jr, Reverend Rick Vito, and the Ibanez AFS75T.

NOTE: Picture is reasonably spectacular at a visible size.


Just because these moldy oldies haven't been seen 'round these parts recently - and probably went down with the database - I'll re-run a few.

2004 Country Club, 1955 Coupe de Ville


Of course it's not the real vintage Cadillac green - but it's a Cadillac green Gretsch on the green roof of a vintage Cadillac...


Gretsch. Cadillac. Fender.

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