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Can you identify this White Falcon?


Can anyone identify this White Falcon? I met this older gentleman who gave me his card. I notice his White Falcon but then I noticed what appears to be only one tone knob. I haven't seen a Falcon with just one tone knob. Has anyone else?



Sorry this is the pic


Maybe it is just my eye, but that looks like a 16" body.


Yea,looks like a 16" to me also and a single knob at the bottom,missing bird on the guard and blank inlays...yea kinda weird.


The whole original image looks rammed to fit the card. I say it's a regular 17". Was there a WF Hot Rod?


I'm trying to get in touch with him. I think he said that Gretsch gave it to him years ago when he was doing some TV work.


Special-order 1 pickup WF?


Yep that's the guy. I'm going to try to go to lunch with him and see if I can get some information. He's been sick so it might not happen.

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