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Indy Teardrop


well the Indy Teardrop guitar came today ,,,,,, and i must say ,,,,,,, impressed , no wonder Bear likes these ,, no way can you go wrong ,, setup is perfect ,, cept the strings , thats a given , i can find no flaws



I had an Indiana double bound tele and it was a great guitar. I had too many guitars at the time though, so it moved on. Great guitar with really decent electronics for a budget line instrument.

I've been GASing for a teardrop for almost 10 years. Might have to just build one...


Yikes i need to clean my house , this is sooooooooo not me , i make Monk look like a slob ,,, thing sounds Great , very surprised


oh i am building a Killer teardrop Riley !!!!! , just waiting for the pups from Phantom Guitar Works


That looks pretty killer. Not usually into sunburst, but it works for that pretty good. I saw the build thread somewhere, can't wait to see how it comes out.


With the maple fretboard, the sunburst looks killer, especially with the tortoise pickguard. The headstock also really compliments the guitar well. Play it long, with a smile on your face.


That's a nice looking sunburst. Congratulations. I checked their web site, but couldn't find that model. If I may ask, where did you find it?


this one on E-bay ,,, but they were or are on sale for 209 , i paid 279 from ebay cause i didnt want to wait , , omg do i ever hate waiting lol i did call , i think Hello Music , and they had a 30 day wait , but would still do it for 209 ,, great guitar for the money

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