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Can you identify this White Falcon?


Can anyone identify this White Falcon? I met this older gentleman who gave me his card. I notice his White Falcon but then I noticed what appears to be only one tone knob. I haven't seen a Falcon with just one tone knob. Has anyone else?



Sorry this is the pic


Maybe it is just my eye, but that looks like a 16" body.


Yea,looks like a 16" to me also and a single knob at the bottom,missing bird on the guard and blank inlays...yea kinda weird.


The whole original image looks rammed to fit the card. I say it's a regular 17". Was there a WF Hot Rod?


I'm trying to get in touch with him. I think he said that Gretsch gave it to him years ago when he was doing some TV work.


Special-order 1 pickup WF?


I think I can see anomalies in the photo where the knobs should be. Photo edited maybe?


Yep that's the guy. I'm going to try to go to lunch with him and see if I can get some information. He's been sick so it might not happen.

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