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If only it was real…….


Everything else he's selling I pricey. His store is BV Coins and Collectibles---makes me wonder if it's our old friend Bevete. That's not the only super low priced guitar he's selling. I smell a scam.


"Item location- Port St Lucie, Fla".. but it ships from China for only $15?

Yep, something's amiss.


Makes me remember the late Flip Wilson, one of whose characters was a shady storefront preacher named Reverend Leroy (of "The Church Of What's Happenin' Now").

One of Reverend Leroy's famous quotes was

"A lie is as good as the truth, if you can get somebody to believe it."


I just got back from Port St. Lucie...I coulda paid a visit. Skanky town. Pawn shops, check cashing, used tires, furniture leasing and a store front in a strip mall with a big sign that says LICE REMOVAL.


Well, it also seems to have vanished... Shoulda saved it..

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