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Ibanez Johnny Smith Binding Rot BS


A beautiful archtop but it blows my mind how the seller (in this place a 'store' ) can not mention at all what is clearly extensive binding rot. It's even staining the finish around the binding. Instead they try to pass it off as "weather checking" What?? What?? Did the guitar get left outside in a farmyard for years?? I feel this is seriously bad practice and destined to bite the buyers behind.



Oh yeah, that's rot. I remember seeing my first Gretsches in the '80's. Both were '60's Chet models with extensive rot. Wonder how long until the chunks start dropping on this Ibanez.


They need to advertise this as a Sex Pistols signature model .... Johnny Rotten!


I passed on one of these last year,well,it was the L-5 CES-N model,had the start of the rot,such a shame.


They're very handsome indeed. Though further research shows them to actually be laminate top guitars which would suggest that the prices often asked are seriously inflated


Wildeman here, i have a '78 Artist archtop with the rot goin on. Mine is like a fancier ES 175 and is a great guitar that was priced just right for one with binding rot- 600 bux not 2600.00.


Nice! The rot isn't the end of the guitar, as you know it's primarily cosmetic Especially if you get a great deal on a cool guitar. I would love to get one of those Ibanez's(especially the 24770 which is supposed to a solid top) for a proper binding rot deal as I would fix it and enjoy another big cool guitar.


That is not rot, it is a faux 60's Gretsch binding finish, LOL!


My GB10 has it too. Not even all that much, and it's stabilized now, but because of it got a super deal. Spectacular guitar.


So much for the theory that binding rot only affected east coast USA made guitars.


Wow... those vintage Ibanez lawsuit guitars are really accurate, right down to the binding rot!

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