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Ibanez CN250


Stumbled upon this little gem and just got it back into shape with some difficult to source pickup rings. Super 80's with the Flying Fingers covers are hard to beat. Violin sunburst, just loving that vine inlay.


Nice Kman. Any idea how wide it is at the nut? I'm guessing equal to what an LP is/was. Thankfully wider than a Strat....probably.


I can measure the nut width but it is a 1978 I believe based on the original owner's recollection. It came into this world with black plastic pickup surrounds but I went with cream to match the binding and the catalog image I could locate. One spotty volume pot that I hope revives itself with some regular use but not the end of the world if I have to source a new one. Shout out to ReproGuitarParts.com for the plastics and new screws and bridge post anchors. These pickups are kinda of epoxy sealed but absolutely scream with a little overdrive.


One of my favorite Guitars is my 1982 Ibanez Artist, with super 58 pickups, plug it into a 6L6 Amp and a tube screamer and let fly. IMO, during the last few years of the 70's through the early 80's, the set neck instruments that Ibanez made are a great bang for the buck, Workmanship, attention to detail, and those amazing pups are fun to play and sound great. I've owned a number of them and am currently on the lookout for one of their hollowbody AS's from that period, when you hit the one that feels good, hang on to it. I love that binding and color scheme you have, have fun and turn it up
PS I ran across a guy in NY who does Ibanez parts exclusively, my Artist came w/o the "Cloud" tail piece below the bridge, he was quick and easy, pm me if you ever need his info.


I remember Andy Partridge from XTC using one of those until it was stolen. He got some killer tones with it. Always wondered what amps he was using at that time.


Ibanez made some great guitars in the 70s and 80s and your's is one of them. Congrats on the new guitar.


These are very cool. I had a CN 200, pretty much the same guitar without the vine inlay. Sort of a Fender Gibson hybrid with the mahogany/maple cap body and a Fender scale (I think?) and bolt on neck.

Seldom seen...


I acquired this in a trade in an effort to relieve myself of a Carvin XT112 tube amp that I had no use for. The amp ($175) and $200 cash was the agreement provided it had the original hardshell case but it was too good too refuse even after an old generic fit case arrived on trade day. Even with the plastics and spare parts I'm still in it for under $500 and it cleaned up nice.


Wish I could get my hands on one of the original cases.

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