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Ibanez Artcore Series AF55 Your Thougts On This Model


Although I am not big on humbuckers I like this model guitar. These can be picked up for about $175 used at Guitar Center when they get a used one. Elsewhere not sure.

This may be a lower model of Ibanez but it's fairly light and has good acoustic properties. Just feels good and the open humbuckers look cool and I didn't find them as "muddy" as most humbuckers. I am not going to buy one because I have enough guitars at the moment but just thought I'd mention this guitar as a recommendation depending on your playing style and preference in guitars but it's not bad for a lower level guitar. New not so too expensive too.


Looks like a cool, low budget modding platform.


I had one - did a flat black paint job on the top and souped it up, but in the end, the wood used still kept it sounding pretty so-so.


In that case I'd put in some weird lo-fi sixties style pickups and play it through a fuzz pedal.


I like them. I don't have one but they seem like a decent player, at least the ones I've held.


I have quite a few Ibbies and that is just a very stripped down Artcore. I would spend a few more bucks for a better finish, pups and hardware. Their new Ceramic pups are not that bad and their 58's are pretty darn good.


I've had fun with this guitar. I replaced the cheap tuners, attached some inexpensive pickup covers, fabricated a pick-guard and rod cover, and find it sounds and plays best electrically & acoustically with 12's with a wound G. The pickups sound fine to me and this guitar is loud enough acoustically with the 12's for vocal accompaniment. Because this guitar is relatively inexpensive, I can just leave it out around the house and play it anytime. If you don't have a true hollow in your collection and don't want to fork out big $'s, this guitar is the real deal. I'll just add that the build of this guitar is very strong. I wouldn't part with it.


Decent enough looking guitar but not enough controls and that vintage style ugly looking tailpiece. A G cut-out would be prettier. Seems like pretty good value for the money.


Rather than one of these plus new pickups I'd sooner spend just a little more and buy a Streamliner. Just sayin.....


The Gretch Streamliner is a nice looking guitar.


Still have one of these (but it has to go...) and tried to like it as much as I could. Tried it with TV Jones Classics and a Bigsby. Then with Tonerider Alnico II PAFs and a wooden archtop bridge. I think, the problematic thing with these guitars might be body wood. It's hard to expect quality wood at this price point. I've never liked its acoustic sound (compared e. g. to my G5128, which I absolutely adore unplugged).

But in overall the guitar is nicely built and is quite playable for the price.


I don't think it needs new pickups at all. Some tech told me once that the really expensive pickup options are often no more than 5% better than standard because pickups are so simple to manufacture in the first place. It's the spin that makes them sound better than 5%.

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