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Ibanez Artcore Series AF55 Your Thougts On This Model


Although I am not big on humbuckers I like this model guitar. These can be picked up for about $175 used at Guitar Center when they get a used one. Elsewhere not sure.

This may be a lower model of Ibanez but it's fairly light and has good acoustic properties. Just feels good and the open humbuckers look cool and I didn't find them as "muddy" as most humbuckers. I am not going to buy one because I have enough guitars at the moment but just thought I'd mention this guitar as a recommendation depending on your playing style and preference in guitars but it's not bad for a lower level guitar. New not so too expensive too.


I had one - did a flat black paint job on the top and souped it up, but in the end, the wood used still kept it sounding pretty so-so.


In that case I'd put in some weird lo-fi sixties style pickups and play it through a fuzz pedal.


I like them. I don't have one but they seem like a decent player, at least the ones I've held.


I have quite a few Ibbies and that is just a very stripped down Artcore. I would spend a few more bucks for a better finish, pups and hardware. Their new Ceramic pups are not that bad and their 58's are pretty darn good.

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