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I was hoping for something with humbuckers…


… but sometimes you get what you get. Only four years old, in great condition. Kind of a deep “D” shaped neck but still plays fast. And loud! You wouldn’t believe how loud this one gets!


Great!!! Funny, He could be the lost twin brother of my 5 year old son. Same haircut and all


I've got a similar model makes a lot of strange noises and way too much feedback.


And these days you're not allowed to put a strap on it!

The hardest part is getting the case closed after you have finished playing with it.


Keeping em clean is a lifetime challenge


Keeping em clean is a lifetime challenge

– ChimingBell

I’ve never tried it but I hear Meguier’s automotive polishes work well.


I get cats in my cases. They’re altogether easier and cheaper to dispose; they’re practically self-maintaining by comparison. You can only drop so many children off at the convent before people start asking questions.


I used to get that until the cat mistook the guitar case for his litter box. I couldn’t get the smell out until I ripped out and replaced all the lining and foam. After that I stopped leaving cases open.


We've got two of those, but they're much older than yours. For some reason, I no longer have the pickup issues I had when they were that age. Of course, we're not actually "storing" them at our house anymore, so...


I've got a couple like that at my place. Seemed weird to have to go thru it all over again, but it's even better than the first time twenty some years ago.

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