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I Like Big Bouts And I Cannot Lie


I've wanted to use that title for a while. Out of all the hoopla at NAMM, besides the world's greatest thumbpick, the one thing that reached out and touched my soul was RainSong's new SFT series. Soundboard Fusion Technology takes a thin layer of bookmatched Sitka spruce and bonds it to a thin layer of unidirectional carbon-fiber for the top, and the sound is tremendous, while it retains its relatively indestructible (by guitar standards) properties, and, best of all, looks like a regular guitar.

And it's the Jumbo version, which they call the Nashville, which captured my attention the first time I saw a picture of it. Wellsir, I got a chance to play one at the show, and after some finagling, managed to get it sold to me. And I may have to sell my recently-purchased Martin to pay for it, but I'm OK with that. It's a keeper.


Love the thread title! I’m a devout admirer of big bouts. I have a couple of heavily modified 50s Epiphone Emperors (18 1/2”!)....love their curves.

Nice looking guitar by the way


Oh, an acoustic guitar ok.

But what is world's greatest thumbpick?


Oh, an acoustic guitar ok.

But what is world's greatest thumbpick?

– Proteus

I would also like to know, I have even sank so low I tried to make my own! They hurt my thumb if too tight and fall off if not! ??


Well, it’s just my opinion, dontcha know, Paul Pigat disagrees, and he knows a thing or two about thumbpicks. He didn’t feel they were sufficiently durable and would break in actual usage.

But for me, it’s perfect. It sticks out just enough, sits at the correct angle, and the spring holds it just tightly enough for my needs.


Whatever floats your boat Frank, but the tension of the one piece thumbpick is perfect for me, and I haven't broken a thumbpick ever. IMO, that thing is trying to reinvent the wheel, which I wasn't aware was broken.


I haven't found a thumbpick I can get comfortable with, and I've tried everything I can find. The issue is almost always that the plastic protuberance stickin' out the left side of my thumb is too protuberant.

And apparently I don't take thumb-picking with a pick seriously enough to bother sanding some down. I've defaulted to going with my nekkid thumb, which isn't as percussively thumpy as either Official Chetpickers or Official Billies dictate, but it suits my passive-aggressive Problems with Authority. (No didactic diatribes required, Dave. I know I'm a hack and a heathen.)

The best "thumbpick" for my purposes, and I know it's an ugly visual, was some kinda wart I once had on the side of my thumb, in just the right position to hit the strings naturally with my thumb in its usual hackingly heathen orientation. Yes, it hurt like hell, and I didn't actually USE it that way. Just discovered by accident, as it were, that the bump was in just the right place, and close enough to the right size - and integral enough to my anatomy - to feel natural.

I mean, if it hadn't hurt.

And eventually it went away. Maybe abrading it accidentally on the strings convinced it to move elsewhere.

So. Your mention that this sprung pick sits at the correct angle and sticks out just enough reminds me of that experience, and recommends this pick to me. I like the idea of the spring, too, as I think it might feel less constrictive than the plastic jobs which don't fit the shape of my thumb, and which are either so loose they fall off or so tight they cut off circulation to my thumb. I've lost more thumbs that way.

I see from the footer on the stationery under the pick that it's from blackmountainpicks.com. (Which makes your post a VERY subtle product plug for those fellers, as you don't seem to mention the brand or model in it. This makes it a better advertisement, as I had to invest some time/effort/detective skills on the search, and now it's like I have a secret.)


The inventor/proprietor was pretty entertaining just to hang out with. His booth was right around the corner from RainSong’s so I saw it often, and there was always a crowd, or at least a customer. He was all by himself and so overwhelmed by the response at his first NAMM he was just plain giddy. And being Canadian, it was a very polite giddy. He gave me the pick in the picture, and I ordered 5 more. The only way I break thumbpicks is when I step on them. Which is why I bought 5.


i like big bouts and i cannot lie/all those other git-tars just can't deny


i like big bouts and i cannot lie/all those other git-tars just can't deny

– macphisto

One of my big bouts


One of my big bouts

– tabletop

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis?


I wanna see more big bouts!


Gimme big bouts!!

...here’s another

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