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I like a big guitar…but this??


i've lusted after a Larson Brothers flattop for years. back in the 70s in Chicago you could get one for like $600.


i like big bouts and i cannot lie


I would look like one of those little Asian kids from the YouTube if I tried the play that thing!


i like big bouts and i cannot lie

– macphisto

I Love it! LOL


i like big bouts and i cannot lie

– macphisto

Good one, Mac!


I saw one once at a show. They're even bigger in person.


Quite the jewel, ... Really hard to value, simple to appreciate.


I've played a few vintage D'Angelico's with the full depth body and 18" across the lower bout but can't imagine the feel of a 21"


I actually think this is a handsome looking instrument but i'm not too keen on the cutaway shape. I'd love to have an electric this size. I've always wanted to be dwarfed by my guitars but was never diminutive enough, like say ..Malcolm Young playing a falcon.


I played this Guitar briefly at The SF Bay Area World Guitar Show in 2017.

It was very noisy in the background, of course ,, so, not the best video but at least I got to strum it :)


Nice playing It seems not terribly loud for it's size Or is that just the video sound?


There's this one too.


There's this one too.

– Afire

Ah.....the orangutan model! Talk about us looking like the 9 yr old guitarist that's dwarfed by his guitar,,,,,the latest sensation on YouTube.


The treble really suffers with a guitar oversized like that. I'd probably put a new fretboard on it with a longer scale length and set the bridge farther back toward the tailpiece and make it a baritone guitar if I owned it personally. As it is it might be a collector's curiosity but not a useful tool for making music.


Is that one of those guitars they use in a Mariachi band?


It does kind of look like a guitarrón.

Don't those look like a bear to play.


Hell yeah, I'd play it. Stick a DeArmond on there and go to town. I'm basically a cartoon anyway.

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