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I Inherited a Strat


In January one of my friends at work was visiting his family in Minneapolis to attend his Dad's funeral when all of a sudden he got hit by a car while crossing the street. He died instantly. I'm still in shock 6 months later and still expect to see him travelling in his golf cart around the Warner Bros. lot.

We bonded over guitars, movies and baseball and he was the guy in our Central Delivery Dept. who helped me X-ray my Duo Jet when I bought it in 2012 so we could see the insides. We would email each other about guitars frequently and talk about what we were up to. Over the last year or so he was really getting into building effects pedals from kits. We both built parts Strats at about the same time.

He had an amazing guitar collection including a 1958 Guild Aristocrat, a 1981 59 Reissue Gibson ES-335, a Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Reissue TV Yellow Les Paul Special, a 50s Espanada, an original Silvertone Crest and an original Silvertone Thin Twin Jimmy Reed among others.

After he died I reached out to his sister and offered to help her suss out his collection. She sent me pictures and I went through and described what each one was and gave her a ballpark of how much each is worth. I also sent her any emails I could find of her brother and I discussing any of the guitars. She came out to Los Angeles and collected most of his guitars. She left the Strat because she decided she wanted me to have it. I am still overwhelmed. I didn't expect anything from her. I just wanted to help because he was my friend and I knew I probably had more knowledge of what he had than anyone else would. I am very grateful.

This Strat has an ash body finished in nitrocellulose and relic'd by MJT that weighs 2.8 pounds. It's super light! He wanted to fool people into thinking it was a genuine 1963 that's been on tour and put through the ringer. While I can appreciate the relic job as the inspiring work of an artist I've personally never understood why anyone would want to make a new guitar look old. However this guitar feels and plays great! I notice I play differently on it than I do on my Strat which has more of a modern feel. This one actually feels vintage. The only change I'm going to make is to put a white pickguard on it. I feel that's a small alteration that won't change the spirit of his vision for the guitar. It's like putting a different skirt on it or something. I just never got into tortoise shell much.

I will cherish this Strat and think of my friend every time I pick it up which I think is going to be often!


So sorry for your obvious heartbreak and loss, buddy. Glad you have something special to remember him by and to keep his mojo in your heart.


That looks like the Buddy Guy honey blonde strat. Buddy's though looked more white when I met him with it in '91.

Sorry about your loss


Sorry to hear about your friend Buddy.


Here is the X-ray shot of my Duo Jet that he took on 2/9/2012, the day it arrived at our Central Delivery Dept.from Rocky at Street Sounds.


Tough way to acquire it. Treasure it. Condolences

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