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I Have The Blues… Errr, The Turquoises..


That Custom Telecaster is a beauty. Fender Japan makes a nice looking version in Ocean Turquoise Metallic as well. Congrats on a great troika.


Somehow I missed this thread..... GREAT photos and stories, Metman! A fun read!

Looks like there will be no Philly show this summer, but maybe we can reconnect in the Fall version...???


I watched the Karate Kid the other day and noticed Mister Miyagi's familiar looking car...


i love the guitars and the setting. that Ocean Turquoise is pretty close to my dream Fender color.


Love the Tele, and the Nash. Hey, isn’t there a Nash Tele?

– NJBob

put a peace sign sticker on it, and it could be a Graham Nash Tele. i'll see myself out.


The old metallic lacquers were all acrylic. My limited observations lead me to believe that they tended to check vertically, against the wood grain and perpendicular to the strings, while the nitro colors tended to check horizontally. That's based on a smallish sample of early sixties Jazzmasters, and it seems to be most common when the finish is Candy Apple Red. CAR is a two-part finish with a metallic undercoat and a translucent non-metallic red acrylic lacquer coat over that, and maybe clear on top of that, so that my explain things.

That's just an aside; a US-made 62RI should have a lacquer finish, but it probably differs quite a bit from the old Duco formula and won't check as easily.

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