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I guess now I want a Coronado II too…


While I don't know your full guitar collection... -- BuddyHollywood sez to Proteus

No one, not even Proteus himself, knows the extent of his full collection.


but not a Coronado tutu.

Along with a Mosrite, the CII seems a guitartifact of the 60s I belatedly realize might fit me like a tailored suit.

Thin hollowbody, check. Sleek, unique shape within that domain, check. Slim, elegant f-holes, you bet. OK, bolt neck and 6-on-a-side tuners, but it's a Fender and I can get used to it. DeArmond single-coils, enthusiastic CHECK. Aaaanndddd a vibrato of Mustang functionality, which remains my favorite-ever design for feel.

Other than block inlays (meh), there seems nothing not to like. Considerable diversity out there, from the Wildwoods which knocked my eyes out when we drooled over Fender catalogs in study hall, to more refined and (arguably) tasteful choices.

Does anyone have anything bad to say about a late-60s, early-70s Coro II?

– Proteus

I grew up on the one my dad made while at Fender in the late 60s. It defined my perverse taste in hollowbody guitars and controlled feedback. Everyone should have one as long as its got the DeArmond pickups and vibrato


My name is Daniel (Patrick) Weldon, but when the race car driver died everybody called to see if I was still alive

– Daniel Weldon

What did you tell them?

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