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I gotta get this


Short scale aside, it's an ugly little mother.


Definitely not a player. An oddity to hang on a wall....in a dark room.


I think that's a modified flossing pick.


I'll fight ya for it!


Among the ugliest guitars I've ever seen.......


Good example of confusing rare with valuable.


Hey but it's sparkle ...

It really is a bad LSD trip or some Satanic cult band. WTF is that pickup?


Well, it is incredibly unique.


Well, it certainly is ummmmmm.....................different, and you definitely won't be accused of being a "me too" kind of guitar player, if you play it.


I have a friend that's compelled to get this guitar.

His hooves slid across my linoleum floor trying to get a closer look.


say what you will about it but theres some pretty good workmanship there. I think its super cool and if i started a jam band i'd be getting it


I love it. LOL. I'll have to arm wrestle Proteus for it.


You'll need an appropriate outfit to wear while playing that thing..


WTH is going on with that head-stock and the way those strings are strung?

Looks more like a shotgun target to me.


An Edward Livingston Birdman custom short scale. If this isn't fate, I don't know what is.


Dang, last time I was Dexter Cornelius.... But if it's 23 to 21" scale that would be a dream come tru. STill waiting for my Fireglo 1965-75 12" scale jRick 950 to show up but gonna be a long wait.


I'd have it in a heartbeat...but the price is just waaaay too much. It may be homade in America, but it's still a Japanese Pawnshop Special, and will have to be priced accordingly. I'm thinking 300.00, 400.00 max. And that's allowing for the increase in value of JPSs over the last decade. Once there was a time, and not so long ago, when one would have expected to pick up such a guitar for 50.00 or less. (Or, you know. Notice a neck sticking out of a dumpster and retrieve whatever's attached to it.)

For a grand even a beginner schlub could start with a bad used neck and build a whimsical nightmare implement of his own desperation. Local car body-guy/painter used a Fender Mustang (as opposed to a Mustang fender) as a donor for this Mooncaster he built in high school. Admittedly the skillset is apparently greater than that demonstrated on the Reverb guitar, and the design a bit less baroque - but it does illustrate the voodoo to be dood when deploying the guitar itself as an objet d'expression personale.


Yeah, it's a $400 item at best. But the lure of short scale makes me starting plundering the 401K etc,


You’ll definitely be the first and only one on your block so equipped. If it makes you smile, it’s worth every penny.


disclosure: not now nor ever have I been affiliated with the seller. Nor do I now or ever hope to have another example to sell.


Well lucky for me it is 25" scale which for me = Run Like Hell. Also close to 8 pounds and has the thickest neck I have ever heard of.

So, nothing going any further

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