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I call this bfg


Always thought burl looked great with a deep amber finish like the Bigsby in your Avatar. Love the contrast the grain produces. Very classy, IMO.


Is the bridge pickup off-center, the f-holes off center, or is it an optical delusion?


Ahhhhhhhhhhh, CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!!!!


heres the breakdown on why It looks like all 3 guitars aka "BIGFENSCH


You'v got a cool project going. Thanks for sharing the picts... 8-)


I stained it a dark orange, up close it really looks sharp, the lower bodys shape is supposed to be like a 6120 but smaller


top only is burl maple , the body is walnut a friend gave me a shitload a while ago...


on the head the binding isn't binding, it is epoxy with white glitter


walnut back, arched a bit , jack/strap hole


I wont get the fretboard and wire until next week so I decided to make a fretwire bending machine hope it works I can adjust it by moving the wheels if I have to :P


thats way awesome. even though its been said before i still have to mention how cool and creative those f holes are!


i love the bi-level headstock :)


so I came up with this crazy idea, new bigsby arm I made from aluminum


I also made a "R" for my last name I am debating whether I should use it, my kid loves it... I will stain it first and decide


knobs, well I was in Lowes looking for ideas for knobs or something that I could do to be different, and found the peephole eyelet piece and bought 2 for $5 ea, then I was at Micheals and bought some glitter for my fretboard markers, anyways I wound up cutting the peephole eyelets down to knob size inserted some orange glitter and epoxy and then sanded down the black to satin looking...


I'd hit it.


You'd get hurt.


glued the neck and put a sunk a screw in as well, varnish in the works


with the knobs and new Bigsby arm, you got something very steampunk going... very cool!

To be honest I wasnt sure aesthetically about the bass side upper bout/horn (the Bigsby design part), but now that its taking shape, im getting used to it.

Rock on!


FINIALLY FINISHED now what? Ive made my last guitar for a while now, I decided not to put PU bezzels on, it looks really good as is. I put some flame pinstiping around the body just a little something extra that I wasn;t sure would work but I like it. It plays really good, need to fix 2 frets that are high, I made a video from start to finish that I will put up on you tube soon.

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