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I bought a Historic Les Paul


What a beautiful story! So sorry for your loss; my dad's still around, but pushing 90 with serious dementia. Really sweet of him to leave you with that blessing.


Thanks so much fellas. I wasn't expecting a response like this! Rhythmisking - dementia is so hard. My Dad was a very smart (way smarter than me!) guy with a quick wit and remarkable self-discipline. My Mum always told me that he had a sweet tooth but you never would have known because he would never over-indulge in anything sweet. Once dementia took hold he would devour chocolates like a kid at easter. He lost his vast vocabulary and much of his ability to just speak.

Still, 90 is a good innings as we say here in Australia. My Dad made it to 87 but seemed determined not to see the new year in. People say it's a relief when they do go but it's still hard. I guess it is a relief but I'd still rather have my funny, clever Dad who knew the answer to everything.

It was wonderful when smoking was banned in pubs because finally my Dad got to see me play in my rockabilly band. Never one to show much emotion I think he was pretty chuffed to see his son playing onstage, and playing music he could relate to even if it wasn't trad jazz.

Amazing to think that a man who was born in a farmhouse with dirt floors and no electricity had a grandson (my son) who never saw a world without the internet or cell phones.


Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of your father, Jimmy. What a wonderful way to remember your dad, that's a gorgeous guitar. I'm rather partial to Les Pauls, especially for playing Zeppelin and other classic rock. Enjoy your new guitar and remember your dad, every time you play it.


Lovely Les , Jimmy,congrats!

Sorry to hear about your father ,my condolences to you and the family sir.


My condolences for your loss. You story was very touching. I am sure your dad will be smiling down upon you each time you pick up that beautiful instrument.


Good on ya Jimmy! My Dad passed 7 years ago, and about six months later a check for a few thousand bucks showed up from an insurance company. I took some of that and purchased a bicycle that I would have never shelled-out for otherwise. Now when I take that bike out I feel like i’m spending time with Dad. It’s a cool thing... and I hope you feel the same way about your Les Paul!


Nice story. My dad passed last April. He was a hard-working professional guy, but 2 years of nursing home and a crazy wife had him die broke, and I don't have a single thing that was once his. Cherish that Lester and the memory of your pop.


I don't know I missed this but please accept my condolences Jimmy. My dad is 84 and has diabetic Alzheimer's but thankfully, his mental capacity is slow in diminishing. He's had it for years now but I can still have a very good conversation with him although the short-term memory is gone. He loves Sinatra and although he lives far, I encourage his wife to play as much music, especially Sinatra, as much as possible.

The guitar is beautiful and I have no doubt that the love and life of your dad will give this beauty a special feeling that will grow as the years go by.

I love LPs and especially the R9 and the flame and finish on your's is exceptional. It is really a fine guitar and do not be surprised if you find yourself exploring your playing style because of this different tonal output.

Once an LP hater (for no good reason), I now have 3 (2 are a Tokai and an Edwards) and the LP is a '14 Traditional.

Have fun and enjoy the memories of your father whenever you play.


Thanks NJ and everybody. The more I play it of course the better it sounds, and I am loving the neck shape. The amount of sustain is ridiculous - I keep thinking of Nigel Tufnell!

My Dad was a huge Sinatra fan - in fact I have a cool story about that. My uncle, who is 4 years older than my Dad is still on radio in Sydney Australia. He has cut it down to one day a week and is retiring very soon as he is 92 and had a stroke last year. But in the late 40s he was on Melbourne radio in the afternoons while my Dad was still at school. My Uncle Bob would get records from the USA before the others DJs of the time did by befriending US sailors and getting music before the record companies here did - often six months earlier at least. When he had the latest Sinatra record he would tell his audience that it was coming up later in the afternoon. Everyone assumed it was just to keep people listening but Bob was waiting until he knew my Dad would be home from school so he would hear it. Made my Dad feel rather special!

Anyway the guitar is growing on me more and more and I'm starting to get more from it now. There's a lot in it.


Missed this , Jimmy. Haven’t been on too much lately. Sorry for the loss of your dad. I can relate as I had to care for my mother as she slowly deteriorated from Alzheimer’s. With her is wasn’t music, but early American furniture and other antiques. She was an encyclopedia.

I too shared music with my dad and he was really my inspiration. He was a great sax player. I tried to get his sax from my stepmother when he died, but she wasn’t giving up anything.

Your Les Paul looks beautiful. Enjoy it and the memories that come with it.

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