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Hoyer Special


I played a 50s Hoyer several years ago. I was sorely tempted to buy it (It was one of the better sounding archtop acoustics I've played). I think the only reason I didn't, was because it had issues that it was on the verge of needing a neck reset, and I just didn't have the cash for that at the time. In retrospect, I kind of wish I had bought it, especially since the prices for Hoyers have been going up in the past few years.


A Hoyer Special is the German equivalent of a GIbson Super 400 or L-5 quality-wise. Maybe a different sound as they have their own construction design thick tops, thin recurve , very high neck angle. Cool sounding unique instrument. I am quite happy to be playing an electric that is actually a great sounding handmade acoustic archtop. They're a little easier to do a neck reset on than most guitars because like many German guitarsm they have a tapered mortise joint, like a Cello, not a dovetail.

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