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How Many Ply Top Is This


This is my generic jazz/rockabilly box. It has spruce top, flamed maple back and sides. I changed the neck P90 today and tried to figure out how many ply it is. Should be easy, yes? Well I thought so but not positive. Maybe not best picture but can you tell? I though 3 ply but not positive.

Thank You


Focus! I can't tell if it's 3 or 5.

– wabash slim

LOL you are right. iPhone camera. I will take another tomorrow and post it if the phone can take a better pic. My real digi camera is broke.


Looks like 5, the router burn on the upper left corner rout shows it.


Looks like five to me.


Look like 5 to me too.


As JBJ points out, the router burn area is the clue here....clearly seen is 5 plies.


That's a three ply. With two more.


Agree -- it looks like 5-ply in the upper bout corner near the neck.


How thick is the entire top? The early Teradas were 5 ply; vintage was 3. Dunno what Gibson uses but the ES-175 tops always seemed thicker than vintage Gretsch.


lx, good question. I should have measured it when I had the pickup out. I can measure the f hole thickness but because of binding may not be easy to do accurately. I will measure when I rewire in the near future,

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