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Hofner Club?

Anybody try one of these yet? Man - they look pretty cool! http://cgi.ebay.com/HOFNER-CONTEMPARY-CLUB-6-STRING_W0QQitemZ300281620987QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item300281620987&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14&_trkparms=72%3A1205%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C39%3A1%7C240%3A1318%7C301%3A1%7C293%3A1%7C294%3A50
Nice. I still have my Dad's original 1959 Club 40 - serial number 421; the very first one of that year
Ver nice guitar Dawg!
Wow, what a nice guitar and the fact that it was your dad's must make it ultra special to you.
My '57 Club 50 It's been modded to death and back but I love the sound and feel. Still hunting for another original Fuma pickup...anybody got one laying around(needle in a hay stack)? Hofner Club 50 1957 Hofner Club 50 1957 HofnerClub 50 '57 Your's is sweet Dawg! Looks like your missing a pickup?
Yeah, my local shop has had 2 of the new ones for a while. red and black one. they play very well. I havent pluged one in but I wouldnt mind having one.
I modded my Club the other day. I gave up on ever trying to find a Fuma pickup. The guitar was modded before I got it so I did not feel bad adding these pickups. I made a HotRod style harness and used my old 80's FilterTron with TVJ magnet mod and a old 60's SuperTron in the neck. Old GDP thread MORE PHOTOS Photobucket
Mine is similar to yours Setzer, it's got a white plastic DeArmond in the neck and a TV Jones Filtertron at the bridge. I couldn't get on with the crazy fingerboard radius so I took it down to 12" with a sanding block. I use it mainly for slide. When I bought it the bits were the neck and body and they were separate. I had to find the parts and glue it all back together. I put a couple of sound posts under the bridge too.
Setzer said: Your's is sweet Dawg! Looks like your missing a pickup?
No but yes....(!) Club 40s were issued as single neck pickup guitars - I started playing when I was about age 7 and by the time I was age 12, all I wanted was a Les Paul Custom - my Dad did a mod which with very minimal drilling added a bridge pickup. However, wood needed cutting to fit the longer control panel. Such a daft move because I ended up with a Les Paul Custom 3 years later! Last year I handed it to a Luthier and asked him to return it back to as it was - putting the old control panel back revealed a gap, so he fitted a new piece of spruce with a very good grain match and from a distance it looks pretty good. In between me taking it to be restored and getting it back, unfortunately my Dad passed away and never saw it.
Ah I see it now Dawg. Shuggie, got a photo of yours you can share? I've got 11-52 rounds on it now but I think i want to try 10's next. The 11's just seem to stiff on this guitar. Sounds great though. The SuperTron really blows me away. I was going to mount regular gibson style HBs on it and make it a jazz guitar and at one point tried a HB that I pulled out of my Les Paul, a GFS hot '59 style but I thought it was way to much for this style guitar, Spruce and completely hollow. The Gretsch pickups however work well with this setup. I just need to settle on some good slinky strings next time.
Very cool guitars! Paul yours looks great with those pick ups..... How does it sound acoustically? Is it bright? Shuggie, I would like to see yours too!
Sounds like a Banjo acoustically. It's a little cannon. Brighter now that I installed rounds.
I asked because I have an old F-hole acoustic Hofner and the top is made from the same wood and it is very bright. I put flatwouds on it and it sounds great for the choppy Django Reinhardt type rhythm playing. Do you hear the brightness while playing electrically?
Yes, the SuperTron sounds incredible because of it. The Filter I need to do some more pole adjusting...tweaking.
Hot dang Danman you've got a Hofner too! Our tastes in guitars are weirdly sync'd. Ok as requested I'll try to post up an image - along with the ES330 I mentioned in another post. <img src="Photobucket" alt="" />
Hi Shuggie, Yes our taste in guitars is very weirdly sinced...... But I guess good taste is good taste, not much you can do about it. I really like those hofners, they look very cool. And well your 330......
If I remember correctly they were not one of the most popular guitars to come out of this German guitar makers factory back in the 50's/early 60's (not in England anyway). However - it's funny that +40 years later they now look good and "cool" and quite desirable. Funny thing I quite fancied this little guitar back in '60 or '61, but because of my desire for a Strat I ended up with the poor man's Strat instead - a Hofner V2 solid.
I have one of these Contemporary Series Hofner Club. Mine is red, white binding, nice construction, and I've added a Bigsby. The mini-humbuckers sound right for me, sweet and punchy. What I don't like about it? It's too small, so it almost never get out of home...
Hey Fellers, I need a guitar that I can tune to open tunings and Drop D, etc. I was thinking of getting another Jet Firebird or a Silver Jet with the G tailpiece rather than a Bigsby but now that I see this Höfner, I am rethinking. Does anyone have any sound clips of one of the newer ones? Which dealers do you Fellers recommend that sell these puppies?
By coincidence I just picked up a Hofner Club CS on fleabay, no intention to buy another guitar, but you know how that goes... couldn't find much about it anywhere but since I love my little Shorty CS thought it would be worth a shot. A very unique sound, love the pickups in it, the weight(lessness), love/hate the unfathomable control panel. Not so sure about the neck, sorta odd feeling. A strange guitar, but a keeper as I've nothing that sounds anything like it. I think they are being discontinued (mine was half RRP) and replaced with a gorgeous goldtop version. But don't quote me on that. No soundclips, but nice clear recording on youtube
Nice looking guitar in black Andy! I'm wondering about that bridge, and how it's mounted to the body. The Höfner website shows a fully floating archtop bridge for your guitar, yet the ones I see on Ebay have what looks like a post-mounted wooden saddle...? I'd like to know if the bridge height/neck angle on these would permit mounting a Bigsby B3, like on a Duo-Jet.
Hey retroandy, That is SWEET buddy! I really like it. I am jonesing for a red one. What is it about the neck that is weird feeling to you? Thanks for posting such a killer picture, BTW.
The bridge/neck angle seems about the same as my Pro Jet, so I'd imagine there'll be some Bigsby options out there - I'll add another pic to show this and the bolted down bridge on my model. The neck, dunno what it is about it, sometimes I find my thumb sorta getting caught up and dragging when moving around. Noticable if I've been playing something else and then pick up the Hofner, slightly different profile or shape, or maybe just new and a bit sticky, or lazy playing
Thanks Andy! Looks like a B3 is a gamble for those..

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