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A Canadian chain here, Long and McQuade, sent out a e-flyer for their Boxing Day sale and I noticed that they had Les Paul Classics on sale for $1299.00. I went to check them out for a lark and they had a cherry burst and a trans black burst out on display. I asked if there were any other finishes and one guy said he thought they had a vintage burst in the back. Anyway, it was love at first sight and it came home with me. I installed some Lollar Imperials that I had at home and removed the "Classic" from the truss rod cover (I just don't like it). I still want to replace the pots with 500K and Orange Drop caps, but other than that, it's a great guitar. Not too heavy either. I thought the Classic was the plain top version and I was expecting that, but was surprised to see that they were Classic plus guitars with figured tops. Lucked out with a one piece back too. Anyway, thought I'd share my early birthday present.



Beautiful guitar I've been gassing for a Lester**


Very nice!


Pretty wood and burst.

Happy birthday Robin.


Thanks. I had sold a couple of guitars recently and it helped to offset the cost, so it worked out pretty well, plus I already had the Lollars at home so I figure I'm doing pretty good.


That's really nice!


That is quite nice,congrats Robin!


You say that you changed the pots to 500k Robin.. What values were in it as stock? Very nice guitar BTW.


Beautiful guitar!



Thanks, everyone. The original volume pots were 300k. I changed them to 500k and have rewired it with std '50s wiring using vintage style cloth covered wiring. A buddy of mine in Toronto wanted one and called several locations and was told that all of these guitars (300 Canada wide) all sold in a couple of hours after opening on Dec 26. Might be the best deal I have ever seen on a Gibson LP. It's a great, great player.


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