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Hey wood species dudes!


can’t tell poison ivy from Romain lettuce.

Neither can I. It's a problem when you have a garden up next to untended ground. But poison ivy isn't as good with blue cheese dressing.


Really sweet guitar. I just NGD'd a Classic Vibe Tele, so now I have all my Teles out putting on fresh strings and comparing. This one's standing right up for itself. (I haven't dragged out my actual Fender 70s Tele yet - which has always won these shootouts in the past.) - Proteus

I'm going to go a little off the rails here but as a player wanting the best tones out of their guitars, what is your rationale for buying more Telecasters when you have a 1970s Telecaster that beats them all anyway? Of course I understand wanting more toys to play with. What I'm genuinely curious about was the decision making process before you bought the other Telecasters when you already have a great one. Maybe this should be its own thread.


Hah! Good questions all, and well received. I've asked myself the same thing. I believe the subject will be well served in another thread, which I'm thinking about - but I want to get sound clips done of all four guitars for community comparison.

Short version of the decision-making process: oooh shiny!


Looking forward to the sound clips.


Ha! Thanks for the reminder. The guitars are all out; they're ready when I am. Perhaps tomorrow...

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