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Hey Short Scale Dude



I saw this while I was perusing other things, and it made me think of you. 16" scale with standard nut and bridge spacing. You could have a short scale for your short scales. They make a Strat and a Tele version too, but I know you're on a Gibson kick.


if it's a 1 10/16th nut I could manage it... prob gets to be the space between the frets. I did look into those 80's Mini Fenders from Japan 19" scale which are sort of cool and were quality builds.

Realistically the 21" Rick scale is about as small/short as I would go. Things do get crowded up above the 12th fret.

The Gibson kick is REAL and HERE TO STAY. No hideous 7.5 radius.

Really I am finding that 22.5 works nicely. Road tested this first of probably a procession of Melody Makers to be coming thru here. But they all need frets!!. Lost my a** refretting all those cool Rick 650s a while back. But gotta keep that Fender muttcaster as a back up for now.

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