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hey prote talk me outta this


Well I had seen it this way back, but then you went and put it in front of me again...


Anything that is 25.5" scale bass is of interest, but I suck @ mando, so there's my out.

I had the 6/4 of this about 7 years ago and sort of ... let's just say 'changed' it -- and am going to Vintage Guitar Hell for this.. maybe I am there now.

At the time, what it was didn't work for me cause I was All Eaten Up with Dano 3923s and had to have guitar neck on top like the one for sale now

Still the utterly demented idea of this appears to me. Plenty of time to think it over when in a bit over two weeks I will, just like a year ago, be making my way thru the Alternative Reality of Indiana on to Illinois -- an eventual relocation there is possible.


When you enter Indiana, be sure to set your clock back 200 years.


Sorry, birdman, can't talk you out of it. I'm not afflicted with your particular maniums for short-scale everything and double-neck utility - and, despite my general judgment on the ungainliness (at best) of 50s-60s Carvin designs, this one manages to get to me anyway. It's all the controls all over it, and the fact that the unreasoning misshapement of the body actually works just to make this particular doubleneck extra-double weird, in a 60s space-age way.

So if I had your maniums, and the wherewithal to put in this thing, I don't think I could resist.

Best I can do.


Well I think I hope I find it in me to resist. Too many other Demented Projects going on, plus current junque up for sale is going nowhere, so that's a compelling pair of reasons to Just Say No.

And I am not crackin in Indiana at all -- I know a gal in Ft Wayne -- loves it and when things get a little more normal, plans are already underway head to Illinois, for one last phase of ( (professionally related) volunteer work. It's time to downshift from where i am now.

For all my tedious yakkin' about short scale -- it really was what I needed to stay interested at this age.

We probably all have known some one trying to learn guitar, having a hard time of it, getting frustrated and often quitting. Then you pick up their guitar and it's so badly set up, even you are having a tough time with it. Then a good setup happens and they are back on track -- so for me just certain things I can't do @ this age or seemed harder then changing scale really got me pumped up again about playing.

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