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hey pickup & switch wiring dudes


Ok here's one of the infamous BirdMan 9 strings. This one has some advantages over the Phantom 9. Body was never routed for a neck pick so it's Forever a single pickup.

Last year focus was on 9 strings and short scale Fender. This year's focus is on getting the most out of single pickup guitars.

In there now is an Epi Korea-bucker. Sounds ok. Forward position is a mud cap, middle position is normalbucker, rear position is bucker with no tone control in the circuit.

But had been thinking about a Gibson or Duncan splitbucker. My tech doesn't invent circuits, etc but can read a diagram of course.

Usually splitbuckers have a mini toggle or pull pot sort of scene, but I had wondered if the 3 way switch could be forward=mud cap, middle=fullbucker, rear=single coil sound that you can get w/ a splitbucker.

Any ideas. This is just finishing Last Year's Mania.


No mud cap, but I have the following in an Esquire with a single humbucker and I like the available sounds.

Offers series humbucker, parallel humbucker, and split coil sounds. The parallel mode offers a tone similar to the single coil, but with no hum.

You'd still have the tone control of course, to make up for the missing mud cap.


Hey thianks - going to pass this info on!

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