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hey Page dudes — shell out for this


Sold only as a pair. $139K please.


lotsa $cratch for 2 '59 copies...what the heck is a real '59 going for these days?!!!...and to think gibson dropped ' em in '61 for sg shape!!!

couldn't get a les paul for close to a decade..and then it had mini hums!! (not that there's anything wrong with them!)

but unreal



Well dudes forget that by 1959 it wasn't selling, Les Paul's type of music was out of favor, eclipsed by rock and roll, etc. So on to the SG and then over here it was all about Brit Invasion hollowbodies like Gretsch, .....Hofner, and Epiphone basses were a big deal over there.

Then by mid 60s some Brits discovered that this sort of forgotten guitar plugged in but turned way up, which no one had been doing really, esp thru hi-gain amps -- sounded like hell on wheels and the rest is history. Some might say that at the same time over here it was happening (Mike Bloomfield) but I say the Brits, like on so many other things, had it first.

Even Les Paul said something like " I didn't like all the sounds being made with my guitar but I had to realize they were just searching for new sounds just like I had been doing"


I had to look a bit before i got it. OK, so Page took a magic marker and wrote #6 and his chicken scratch on back of the headstocks. What an incredible investment...........................................not.


I love a nice Cherry Burst, I have one, but $139k is just a little above my pay grade!


I wouldn't even pay that much for a Gretsch!


Nah, 'bursty Les Pauls have never really floated my boat, ditto for anything with Jimmy Page provenenance. I prefer the Specials (I've had a few of them) Juniors, and if it has to have humbuckers, make mine a Custom please.


Stop bar isn't even top wrapped. Deal breaker.

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