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Hey Mosrite dudes


This Celebrity bass is eatin on me... there is a less clean one around here I tried and like the feel of it. It felt solid enough.


None seem to be south of a grand. This clean one maybe could be had or $1200.

Still I wondered how good are Mosrite hollowbodies? Even Fender who had it all down with solidbodies couldn't make a decent hollowbody for some time.

I know ventures models are pretty well thought of but can anyone vouch for/caution against a Mosrite guitar or bass hollowbody ?


You should contact forums member Sarah93003, who had a (now defunct) website dedicated to Mosrite Celebrities. She often posts on the Mosrite forum (under the same username), if you haven't been there already.


Thanks for directing me.. .sorry her Celebrities site is down. And time to get familar with this Mosrite site.

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