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hey Jaguar dudes


Have gotten interested in these because of 24" scale maple neck w/ tall frets. But single coils don't cut it for me but there are plenty of good Strat sized buckers around. Are these Jaguar pickups and Strat pickups really the same size? The sure look close.



DC, the base of the pickups is different, and a strat pickup won't fit into a Jaguar body route. I know Jerry Sentell (sentell pickups) makes a Jag size humbucker. I haven't used them but I bought one of his other pickups and was pleased.


Sounds like you may want to try one of these. You can get them used for very reasonable prices and then you can put in whatever humbucker you desire, even a filter'tron. Might give you a chance to try the 24" scale.


Well I have been on the 24" scale only scene for a few months now and Ain't Never Going back to 24.75. I can't believe I ever liked 25.5. But the passing of the years is what caused this.

I thought someone might be makin' a Jag size bucker. This is ok except I prefer the updtaed electronics on the Am Professional and maple board is a must. If any of these Jagbucker models were maple, I could give it a shot. But there are options -- good to know.


I got a Classic Player. Wasn't bothered about how authentic it was and I liked the idea of the repositioned trem and folks outside of the surfing fratshack seemed to like the hotter pickups.

Nice guitar to play. A pal said 'that was the last cool guitar to be designed'. Maybe so.


I recently asked for opinions on the pickups on the Classic Player Jag on the surfguitar101 forum but there was no reply. Was wondering if I'd like the AV 65 pups better. Guess I'll never know

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