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hey Ibanez dudes


85 Roadstar II


Not that I doubted it, but I'm actually surprised how many Ibanez owners this thread represents. Very cool!

They're always great playing guitars.


I like the way Ibanez necks play. I’ve owned several as main guitars. They also stay in tune well. I’d kill for that black one with the Strat pickup configuration that Proteus has.


Troy, the black one belongs to archtopisking, not me. I have too many guitars to shoulder the karmic burden of owning ones I don’t. And I don’t want to be responsible for your committing envious mayhem!


Aw! Sorry. Very nice guitar, Archtopisking. No mayhem or chance of real violence. I bet it’s a sweet guitar though.


You guy's got some nice one's. I have this one.

Wow. Now that's a keeper for sure!


Sorta got that Paul Stanley thing goin' on


I was just digging around in the depths of my guitar closet and found an Ibanez I acquired for peanuts from the Musicians Friend catalog distribution center located here in KC. They used to have a small retail store off to the side of the huge warehouse, and all the scratch & dent and damaged equipment that was returned would be available for sale there, often times at pennies on the dollar. It was a very dangerous situation, and I often would visit and purposely leave my wallet at home! They have since shut down the retail store (liquidation center), but not before I got quite a few gems over the years.

This one had a broken/missing tailpiece with only the tail-bracket still screwed into the butt-end of the guitar. The floating bridge was also missing. I bought the current inlaid rosewood tailpiece on Ebay, and had the ABR style bridge sitting around from some other project. It plays pretty well, but is clearly a Jazz rig. She was a gorgeous wall-hanger in my condo for quite awhile. When I moved 3 years ago she went into the case, only to emerge this morning! I've got almost $200 locked-up in this guitar... so I'm going to keep it out all weekend, and give it some love!


That's one of the "Artcore Custom" line. Amazing guitars for very little $$$


Added one to the list ...


Good Ibanez guitars are GREAT guitars.


Not at the bottom of the Ibanez bucket yet ! Troy - I let the 505 and 315 go , At a weak moment in life, I thought I had to many Guitars - to have more Guiters ! I have a hard time bonding with strat style gitars. Don't why , I like the scale length , could be that every good player around here plays a strat . Luckly they can't sing LOL. Heres an old one that has more bells and whistles most . Split coil , in/out of phase, and some battery powered onbord stuff. Knobs and switches , and they do something. Lot of different sounds in it . A little on the Heavy side, but a joy to play on.


I think its the the same basic guitar although Im not 100% sure. This is a 1982 Artist 500 AV (antique violin-color).


I know what Will's headstock is, I wanna see the rest. :D


'tWas dark last night! Here you go.


1979 PF-200. My first electric guitar. Or as I like to call it the gateway drug.


For a few years when I was tired of Strats, I had an ST300, but it wound up being problematic for the sound I sought and left the herd for precisely what I'd paid for it.

I did rather like the boost (?) switch, but the thing ate 9V batteries like candy.

My only adventures with an Ibby.


Ok, now that I've started trying to figure out how to jam a Jazzmaster vibrato into an Iceman, when's the big announcement about all these guitars?


Sweeeeet - is that an IC500?

– Devil's Tool

No, it's the IC400, a re-issue from 2004, but has all the things i like. Nice mahogany slab, set neck, not-that-bad-humbuckers and the four control-setup. My version of a Les Paul!

Maybe i like the gold hardware that was on the earlier IC400 better, but considering what i payed for it (incl. a Dimarzio Super Distortion), i can't complain!

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