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hey Ibanez dudes


Heard about some upcoming sale of a huge collection of Ibanez... no details yet, but will provide when I have them. Cool ones too, not just 1987 hair metal models.


The Artcore line led a lot of people to Gretsch. They're good enough for George Benson.


Ooh, Talmans! Lawsuit models are cool, too, though.


Not in the market, but I love my 85 Roadstar


I’ve got 4..

An ‘85 Ibanez Roadstar II RS410 Pink Sunrise An ‘83 Ibanez Roadstar II RS315 Marine Sunburst An ‘84 Ibanez Roadstar II RS205 Aged White (with a Kahler) And an ‘86 Ibanez AR350 Artist "Super Edition" in Polar White

All amazing guitars!


Love Artcores! Only have two now but have had quite a few.


Sent that pic to a buddy of mine. He said it's a white zombie. Very rare. Nice.


I have two Ibanez basses. The Roadstar Jazz is really heavy, but the Ric Lawsuit is a real peach.


Ibanez Artist models from the 1970s and 80s were excellent guitars. Articulate pickups, excellent build quality and they were their own thing; not a knock-off of product from another brand.


I have two Ibanez basses. The Roadstar Jazz is really heavy, but the Ric Lawsuit is a real peach.

– Powdog

Bruce Foxton used to play that Ric style although he did manage to get an original trussrod cover. I believe it actually belonged to Paul Weller.


I'm down!

I've got several Ibbys. A GB10, a lovely MIJ Talman, a very odd but pretty Artcore Custom AWD 102, a vintage Artist AR 305, and similar age FA100 (excellent ES175 copy)...I think that's it, but there's probably room for one more!


My first 'decent' guitar, bought in 1980 or so. Exept for the wood, everything is modded. Got some TV Jones TV-trons in 'm. Lovely guitar.


I have a JEM Jr. (Monkey Grip FTW!), and a G10 (a gift from my runners). Cheap but fun.


My first new guitar , a roadstar II - white in the name of J hendrix - stolen . A few have passed though here since, at least one has stayed


Love my Artcore (AS73), but I really do need to get around to changing the stock pickups on it.


Well, I never thought of myself as an Ibanez dude.

But here's my Artcore AFS75-T, a great little guitar by any measure. It's completely hollow, thin-bodied, light and easy to schlep when traveling, has a great buttery Igsby (I've had no trouble with the roller bridge), and the GFS RetroTron Liverpools are tappable for a range of tones. It was my last attempt to get to Gretsch tone without spending for a Gretsch.

Well, it's still not a Gretsch - but it's a lovely little number that easily outclasses its cost. And ain't them graceful f-holes? Them is!


And golly.

I've had this AE540 electrified shallow classical for decades. It suits the shallow electric classical music I sometimes compose. (There should be a strikethru text style for the word "compose" - I mean "make up.")

I bought it from the dear departed drummer of my band at the time. He didn't play guitar - but he made what living he made by wheeling and dealing in addition to gigging. No idea how he came into it - he was always working 4- and 5-way deals - but I gave him 100.00 for it.

We (the rest of the band) made fun of him when he bought cancer insurance - and only cancer insurance - paying his insurance man (who made house calls) weekly. He eventually moved to Florida to manage a motel, and figured out how to make money on both ends by getting motels to pay him to haul away their old bedding, then having it refurbished and re-selling it to motels.

He kept up the insurance, though, and 15 years or so later...he sadly died of cancer.

I'd keep the Ibanez just for his memory, but it's actually a nice guitar. Of course it doesn't hold a candle to a true classical guitar, but it records remarkably well.

For a 5-string.

(Dangit. You can't see it in the LEETLE TAHNY GDP-SHRUNKENED PICTURE, but it has a broken string.)


Geez. Still there's more.

Soundgear bass. An acquisition of opportunity. Articulate thunder!

And yet another Ibanez 5-string.


My first 'decent' guitar, bought in 1980 or so. Exept for the wood, everything is modded. Got some TV Jones TV-trons in 'm. Lovely guitar.

– will

Oh wow, I like what you did to that guitar a LOT!!!


I've got a GB 10. Awesome guitar for me. I bought it last year around the same time as I bought an ES -175. Before I bought them both, I figured that I'd try them and sell the one I liked least. I'd have bet at the time that I was going to keep the Gibson, but turns out that the Ibanez is the one for me. The ES is a very nice guitar, but I'll be selling it.


Speaking of Ibanez and George Benson, I can't find any mention of GB or his signature line on their website-page goes nowhere. He's not listed as one of their artists, either. I couldn't find any news of a split. Anyone know?


A cheaper model of Iceman. I added the truss cover, a pickguard, the pointy thing below the bridge, the switch surround and some Dimarzio Super Distortion pickups. Also upgraded the pots, switches and all wiring.


You guy's got some nice one's. I have this one.

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