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Hey Gibson Vibrola dudes


Well this little short scale Melody Maker is eatin' on me -- first short scale MM I have seen w/ Vibrola. All the others seen were stop tail pieces. Assuming it's original -- of course most people remove these or don't use them because it's felt they pretty much suck. BUT has anyone ever tweaked on one and made it even a little better? Just had wondered if there were any adjustments/mods and tweaks that improve them.



Well, that vibrola sure is one ugly SOB. A high school shop project would probably look better than that!


I have one of these on my 67 SG Jr. but it really is the same as on my 69 SG Std. It's not a Bigsby by any means but the works OK with in their limitations. In the old days the Vibrola was all I had, then I got a Bigsby and found out what I was missing. Thanks John


I had one on a Kalamazoo. The "spring" as they call it, cracked at a screw. Up until then I loved it. Just the right amount of vibrato for me. It had a slight crack when I got it and I guess that I got a bit too aggressive with it and broke it.....man, now I miss it! Anyone have a "spring" laying around??


I had one for a while. I don't think they suck. They're definitely limited and don't have the substantial feel and responsiveness of a Bigsby, but for a subtle shimmer, they do the job just fine. I have more experience with the Rickenbacker Ac'cent, and they're pretty much the same thing.


I've got an SG...72 or 73 with the Bigsby that sits in the case.

It's weird, because it's not a Gretsch or a Strat, and I have no desire to pop it back on, as it sounds and looks just fine as is.


I am not too sure, but would be interested to know as well! Earl | Link

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