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Well I have already stated this MM 3/4 is eatin' on me --one encouraging comment might Push Me Over the Edge... still would have to be less that that price.

Hey it's arleady screamin red ... Trying to tell if the edges were sanded/re shaped somewhat.


but how truly sucky is that vibrola -- I think that is what they called it then.


If that's the kind of thing you're looking for, how long till you find another in that condition? In red?

I have a (full-scale) MM from the same era, stripped to mahogany natural, and its edges may be a little more defined than this one's. As I recall, the others I've seen in original finishes (mostly sunburst) might have had less of an edge radius than that one as well. But it's hard to be sure. Memory, photographic parallax, reflectivity, different colors. Some of the edges on that one look crisper than others - which could be actual differences or photographic artifacts.

I don't know of the MM coming in that shade of red, but I also haven't made a study of it. If that one's been refinished, it was seemingly well done - and, except as it may affect vintage value, does it matter? (And how vintage are 1-pup MMs going to get anyway? I'd think that one's priced at the upside already.)

I've only used that Vibrola a couple of times. It wasn't horrible, so far as pitch return is concerned. But it was stiff-ish, and had very little pitch wobble range. In any case, it's easy to ignore or just take off.

Beat the seller down and go for it.


BUY, BUY, BUY! ... sorry. I got carried away.


Well there are some original Cardinal Red MMs but thus far no 3/4s I have seen.

Still also eaten up w a single cut also because of the somewhat wider neck and the rare 3/4 SG Melody Maker and there are very few of those. I could use that vibrola on one of these.

The gal owner does seem to like the Duo Jazz mutant plus this seller is like 50 miles south of where my sister lives so maybe some trade could be worked out.

But this was Gibson's best selling electric of the 60s -- so far from rare, tho clean ones are harder to find. So I can look em over.

So it's a Whole New Ballgame around here. Will keep you all informed -- in tedious detail.


Well 1st era was 1960s Japanese solidbody, 1970-74 Gibson solidbodies (Firebirds/SGs), 1975 1998-- long Telecaster Tunnel vision era with a few Stratocaster side trips, 1999-2000 didn't play at all, 2001 -2018 Gretsch and Gibson hollwobodies; 2019/2020 brief fliration w/ Fender again. 2021 back to Gibson solidbody .. .so like 6 eras .


BUY, BUY, BUY! ... sorry. I got carried away.

– Bob Howard

You are forgiven -- enthusiasm in Our Cynical World is good.


Do it, so we can all have an excuse to follow suit!


Well this is the latest obsession from my miraculous rebirth as a 3/4 Melody Maker guy;. I can't put this '62 3/4 down. So dig how clean this one is -- just totally mutant..


Really clean early 60s single cuts seem to be fetching close this price, but this was just listed so I gotta wait it out. Vibrola endorsed by Proteus so I am allowed to make a play for it if it comes into range.

Still the single cuts mostly have the wider neck so that is my next priority

But it has that 'like new' shine you never see anymore.


Now that's a fine looking little guitar.

FWIW, I think the first one was definitely refinished.


Now that's a fine looking little guitar.

FWIW, I think the first one was definitely refinished.

– Afire

Thing was some MMs were orignal Cardinal Red but I haven't seen a 3/4 in that kool factory color.

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