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Here is one that has lived in three centuries!


Made in Toledo WA. in 1898. All the decorations are individual wood pieces. I will try to add several pictures. Schahn Violin and Guitar works.


Nice! I have a Columbus guitar from the late 1800s that I still have to fabricate and install a new bridge for so it can actually be intonated


Love these old ones.

Thanks for posting.


Wish I could locate the original family members, I would give it to them, I have searched and came up empty handed. I don't play it altho I have owned it for 20 plus years. The following was e-mailed to me by someone else.

"My name is Max Schahn. I also have a violin; there is not much I can tell you about the violin its self but I have a photograph of Franz (Frank) Herbert Schahn displaying the instruments he made witch I can post or email to you if you like. A Schahn string instrument is highly coveted by us in the Schahn family. I have many Schahn cousins in Texas and Louisiana that I am trying to find. I would be interested to know how you are related to Wilhelm Schahn. Regards Maximillian Schahn"

"The Schahn family came to America from Dusseldorf Germany in 1882. Wilhelm and Maria Christina Drosser Schahn and three children, Frank 6 years old, Joseph 4 years old and Paul 2 years old. They settled in a Catholic town of Dihannis, Texas, on the western frontier. A fourth child was there in 1885, Maria Josephine Schahn. The family found it hard to make a living. The father, Wilhelm, was trained in bookkeeping in Germany and met Maria Christina Drosser, in her father’s store when he went to work there. After a few years in Texas they decided to exchange the land in Texas for land in Washington State. The Catholic Church also owned this land in Toledo, Washington. They arrived to fine the land stripped of trees. No money there, so the decided to plant hops. The father, Wilhelm, built a dugout house and the boys were old enough to clear the land. When this idea failed, Wilhelm went to Seattle to look for work. He left the family on the land to keep the crops growing. Mama, Maris Schahn, remembers hauling water from the creek, Wilhelm, finally found a job with a Doctor who owned most of Mercer Island. He brought the family up to live on the Island, in 1889. The boys went to school at Rainier Beach, Maria went to Dunlap School. They had to row across from Mercer Island every day. Finally they bought a house at Madrona Park. Later the boys gad a shop on the lake where they built Musical instruments, violin, and guitar. Another son Maximillian (my Grand Father) was born in Seattle and he was Maria’s constant companion as they roamed the beautiful Mercer Island, almost untouched by progress. Maria and Maximillian died in San Diego California."


That is really cool. The history is really interesting.


I find it quite incredible that you suggest the bridge needs replacing yet no-one has suggested a Floyd Rose yet.

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