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headed for the ‘verb — but check it out anyway


Cool boutique build of Tele style 9 string. Of course the red finish was my doing, but you knew that. Toxic 25.5 scale, but with big frets, Epi Korea-bucker, and old-skool, original Esquire wiring.


Excuse my ignorance but what does a 9 string do for you? My knowledge of multi- scale guitars is limited to 7 and 8 string. As far as I know they are favored by the metal community.


I think this will give you something of a 12 string vibe.

DC, tell us more. Like.


Yes there is some kinda metal 9 string and jazz 7 string.

Maybe I am the only one with 2 electric nines. Decided to keep the Phantom over this for a few reasons, but the Phantom now has 2 full-on buckers. Simply put, single coils are a dead issue around here. Phantom Guitars had only made 10 9 strings and only two with the Phantom body. Most were the Mark (teardrop) body

So it's half a 12, E and B unison pairs, G octave, but single E A D. So you get some hi-end jangle and shimmer w/o the lo-end mayhem and double the tuning probs.

But the main thing for me is finger picking. Even with 12 strings, I always reversed E A and D so low string was first, so called " Rickenbacker style" You just get more bass sound with the bass string first.

For fingerpicking I just don't need that octave E A and D -- just less bass that way. It's a cleaner sound. Full on strum cool also.

Now of course the history of the 9 string goes back to the righteous Thomas Vox scene of 1966/67 and they had the Vox Mark IX.. the only commercially produced 9 string I am aware of. So that's where I got the idea. For what i am doing, it just works better than a 12.

I did my first guitar demo vid ever with the Phantom 9. Most guitars are known quantities to most people, but something like this needed a demo.

But what was crazed about this Voccoli Tele 9 was it was originally "Big Joe Willams" style one .He was an early blues guy who modded his 6 to be a 9 but he doubled the D and not G string. "If 6 Was 9" ... Hendrix ... well it was done on guitars.

Postscript is that the Phantom is hideous 25.5" scale but will suffer thru it for now. It's just chords mainly.

Goal is to find a husk Rick 950 at 21" scale and have it converted to a 9. Initial inquiries have been made ...


I played a Vox mark IX back in the day at the store (Muscara’s in Belleville,NJ) when I bought my Gemini II there. Liked it but had to have a Gretsch. This looks like a cool guitar.


Hey I remember Muscara (Dennis Electronics was also in Belleville)... Sometime around 1980 I was in there in they had a refin-to-natural early stack knob Jazz bass for $175 which is all of $550 today. And that Geminii II from right down the road in Elizabeth.


I think everyone in North Jersey had to go to Muscara at least once. Good store. Give us the link when you list this.


Thanks for the explanation on the 9-string........saves me asking. I read somewhere about Big Joe Williams adding extra strings to make a 9, some others did as well. John Butler, from the John Butler Trio uses an 11-string, basically a 12 minus the octave G. Doesn’t like the extra high notes above the high E.


.Roger McGuinn did a 7 string where he just has an octave G.


I read that Reverend Gary Davis used a 9 string on (some version of)Prodigal Son, and have always been intrigued by them, but I've never have seen anyone play one live.

I'm not sure if I've heard any electric 9's, though.

What are you asking for that?


The only other one on the “verb” is a nine string tele that is a reverse of yours, in that the doubled strings are on the low strings. Weird huh?


The only other one on the “verb” is a nine string tele that is a reverse of yours, in that the doubled strings are on the low strings. Weird huh?

– Bob Howard

That is a odd coincidence... that MOrtone dude makes some crazy stuff. Still seems less useful... or would be for me.


Voccoli's builds start @ $1350.

It's going up for $1150 but anyone here is $1000 shipped which is what I paid before all the work.

That's enough to get this Carvin bass


which is eatin' on me pretty bad.

Already sworn not to refin in red. Stays how it is.

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