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Have A Hankerin’ To Get Your Don Felder On?


You guys are quite easy with using the term "hater", aren't you. That's neither funny nor the way I want to be treated in a discussion forum.


Oh my goodness. Am I really that misunderstood on this forum?

First, Proteus is my dear friend and we have a history on this site of teasing each other. He knows that I am teasing him when I use that term. He isn't objecting to my posts at all and he is anything but timid.

Next, it stems from his past postings on this site in which he openly stated his wholehearted lack of affection for the Eagles. Having listened to much of their music on the West Coast during the 70s, and almost considering them local guys in Southern California, I naturally love to tease him about the Eagles. So, when I say that he is a "hater", it is a term meant entirely in jest and with absolutely no malice or ill will. I am merely suggesting to him that any remarks which he makes about the band is because he is just a "hater" of them and their music. All in good fun between us.

I tease.

Okay now? Am I forgiven for having used that term on here?


Man, Jimmy, I wish I was retired. But I'm afraid I don't see the connections in the rest of your post...can you clarify?

And... what Ric12 said, sascha. We've milked the Proteus-hates-the-Eagles gag (I don't, really...their perfection just doesn't inspire my interest) for ten years. He knows I don't mean it in any serious way, and I know he doesn't "mean" it when he responds in kind. It's just a shtick. I too am sorry if it offended, and am embarrassed to have contributed to misunderstanding.



– JimmyR

I'm not sure why you would respond to Proteus' post this way, as I looked at it as an indirect compliment.

Anyone who has ever owned, or maintained, one of the various permutations or copies of the 1275 knows the truth of your post that he was responding to. I took it that he was merely pointing out your statement of that truth using a reference to the tale of the emperor's new clothes.

I've owned two, and have maintained many others. The plain truth of the 1275 is that no matter how cool they may be perceived to be, they're far more work than two separate guitars would be. The fact that each of the two necks responds differently to the same variation in temperature, with the associated difficulty in tuning, is enough to turn most guitarists off.


Ok, so it seems I owe you an apology - I assumed the Hater thing was aimed at me. So I am very sorry to offend you all - I had no idea of the Eagles thing with Proteus. It is classic internet misunderstanding I guess, compounded with a fair bit of stressful, horrible crap going on in my life right now. I do struggle with some of the prevailing attitudes here from time to time and try to ignore them but this seems not to be one of those times and I over-reacted.

Anyway, a few years ago I got very confused when a friend told me he was going to see the Eagles play on Saturday night at Subiaco Football Ground. Thing is, the local AFL team (Australian Football League) is called the West Coast Eagles. And yes their home ground was Subiaco Oval. But this was February and our season doesn't start until March/April. Just like in this thread we were talking at cross purposes - I was thinking the season starts earlier every year and he - not being a football follower - couldn't understand why I was so confused that Don Felder and Co would be playing on Saturday night.

I'm no Eagles fan, football or music. But I'm no hater either.


It is all good, Jimmy. Perhaps I could have made it easier by using the smiley face emoticons to make sure that my intentions would be understood by all.


Seems this went a little off-track and I'm glad to see it's kinda straightened out. The very own personal stuff is often hard to understand for people outside of the circle on a public forum. For me it is the inflationary (and in this case oversized) use of negative terms that tend to offend me. I was glad seeing Jimmy back on the GDP posting since I hadn't seen him for a while and would like to see him stay. Have a great weekend everybody!


Ah, excellent. It's been a combination of something of an inside running gag getting exercise, along with coincidence of post placement, and the result was multiple misunderstandings.

I'm glad we persevered to figure it out. It perplexes me when people of generally established goodwill and tolerance mysteriously seem to go sideways.

Jimmy, I hope the horrible passes quickly. That stuff surely can set us on edge and skew our reactions.

I'm certainly with you in not being much of a fan of either the Eagles or the 1275, and my post was indeed intended to support yours.

Anyway, it's sorted now. Carry on. Now if we can just figure out how to enjoy the small social pleasures of long familiarity and shared context with some members without unintentionally leaving others out of the exchange.


I worked an Eagles show on their first US tour. Poco was the opening act. While the Eagles were technically proficient and excellent songwriters, they seemed to have the attitude of "where's our paycheck?". The audience realized it, too. 20K people started chanting Poco Poco for the encore. Poco had the drive and the fever to get the crowd moving.

I still like a lot of the Eagles' songs. I'm a big Joe Walsh fan which helps. But after "Hotel California" my fandom has taken a downturn.


I am a HUGE Poco fan and I have heard that same story repeated over and over for many cities across the country from that tour.


It's not really any fun hating The Eagles anyway, because you just know that they hated each other more.


I don't hate the Eagles. But please don't make me listen to them. Ever. I don't blame them hating each other. Can you imagine having to play those songs with those whiney guys??


Well...you can check out, but you can never leave.

The only Eagles song I ever enjoyed playing (and I've done a bunch of them) was "Heartache Tonight." It was fun getting the harmonies tight. But I will turn the radio off with the first lick of Take It Easy or Lyin' Eyes.

They're perfect songs, you understand. In every way. Just faultless. They're so good they don't need me to listen to them at all!


The guitar Don is holding in the picture is the relatively common solidbody "SG" style double neck.

The quarter million dollar double neck in question is a ridiculously rare spruce top hollowbody loaded with four PAF pickups. Is it worth that? I have no idea.

Odd that only the upper tuners have shrunken heads.


The Eagles. Has there ever been a bigger bunch of grown-ass millionaires who were more in need of spittin' out the binkies and remember not to suck?

Not enough to rake in the equivalent of the GDP of a small european country? Not complete until you dump on each other? Brats. Po' baybiss.

One of the many reasons I dig Joe Walsh is his, "Don't look at me, I only work here." take on the whole deal.

BTW At one time, Todd Rundgren had one of the hollowbody doublenecks, if he doesn't still.

That is all.

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