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Hand-made by Bill Tipton


I just acquired this interesting beast! Made by a Carlsbad Californian named Bill Tipton. I've seen a couple other of his examples for sale on-line. All very different, and clearly one-offs. This one plays beautifully! If it were a brand-name model I would say it's probably mis-matched aesthetically, but as a hand-made one-off, the craftsmanship is amazing and it works for me!


Closer of the top... PRS ain't got 'nothing on this quilt -top!


The fretboard is a burl wood of some kind... any ideas?


The body is a single piece of mahogany, and the neck is rosewood... and silky!


The guitar was abused by FedEx, delivered up-side-down in the shipping box, and it sustained damage on the tip of the headstock. I was on the fence about maybe returning it, which the seller had offered-up. I took a day and tuned it up and plugged it in... it's NOT going back!


What a great build! Hard to beat P90s, mahogany, and maple (if you gotta).

Aesthetically, I don't know if I'm crazy about the pointy-ish headstock on that body - and the mix of two different pronounced wood figures may be a wee bit too much. But, as you say, a boutique builder - and it does have its own identity, so there you go. I'd have a hard time turning it down too.

And if it was PRS, you know it'd be stained Something Garish, and Tipton's work is much more tasteful than that!


Congrats....it's a beautiful guitar. The way it looks, plays and sounds says keeper all the way to me. It appears like a good luthier could make it look like it never happened (especially since you have the advantage of not having to put it back to look original). The way that guitar looks, it would be worth getting it fixed even though it's only cosmetic.


Dang that's one long lookin neck... but I guess it's 25.5 tho. Decently wide too. Nice!


That's a nice looking guitar, Eddie! Too bad about the damage, but I'm betting it can be a fixed. Enjoy!


Congrats Ed!

Shame about the damage though.


Damage adds character. Looks to be a great guitar.



Congratulations, Ed, for a great find!!

If it were me, I would not sweat the very minor shipping damage..... I typically put my own Markings (a.k.a. dings, dents & scratches) within the first 6 months. When you hit that milestone, then it's time to contemplate the shipping dings.



Thanks for the positive feedback guys! I spent most of Sunday playing the guitar, and really like it. I also got some reassurance from Curt about the extent of the damage. So... I’ve decided not to sweat it, and just enjoy it!


I like it. It reminds me a little bit of the great Guyatone LG50.


Afire... did you receive the PM I sent you a couple days ago??


I sure didn't. Is yahoo one of the ones that's glitchy? I don't remember the last time I got a PM here. Maybe better stick to direct emailing.


Cool guitar, Ed! (Not blue though.) Is it my imagination or does the neck appear to be extra long? Maybe it's just the pointy headstock.


I think the angle of the photograph makes the neck look long. It's a 25.5" scale length. Having this guitar in the collection makes all the blue guitars look that much bluer!!

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