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Gypsy Inspired Hollowbody?


Yeah, the bracing is different. I would say that the 905 sounds much more like an L-4 or L-5 than a Selmer. Really about the only thing the two have in common is appearance of the cutaway. That being said, Chet was pretty happy (I seem to remember reading) with the Django-like tone he got from one of his guitars on one of his recordings...and that could have been his L-50 or his D'Angelico. Dang, I'm going to have to look it up!

– jacodiego

Okay...I looked it up and he used an L-10 on Main Street Breakdown, which may have been the song I was thinking of. I'll have to find Chet's quote now.


Liking this thread! I also love the loopy f-holes. Maybe not totally gypsy inspired but it reminds me a bit of Nick Currans guitar.


Those aren't very manouche looking to me.


Seen on Facebook - hybrid gypsy-archtop guitar


Ok, not helping much with the original thread taskbut, we can go a little “manouche” with a regular Gretsch:



Interesting topic.

I'd like to learn how to put more than "1" photo in "1" post.

I can't do it.



Sure you can . . . but you have to host your photos elsewhere, & copy the links back to your post here at the GDP.


Those aren't very manouche looking to me.

– Strummerson

It's important to remember, Doc, that Garrett is a robot. He's trying his best, but he might not recognize some minutiae that seem obvious to our human eyes.


Just saw this pic of Biel with a Rodrigo Shopis Homage '36. Would love to hear what he thought of it.


That's also the first time I've seen any using a DeArmond surface mount pickup. I never knew that's how they mounted. And that guitar. Wow.


Apparently that's a violin pickup. No idea if the mount is as designed or put together that way by the builder. Cool idea regardless.


I had one like it intended for ukuleles that attached with rubber bands. Evidently they made them for several acoustic instruments. If you scroll about halfway down this page, there are a bunch of them.



Shopis put up this photo today - hadn't seen the non-cut ES-150 style before.

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