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Years ago, I had an early '70s Mosrite Mark I. It played like a dream and sounded fabulous, but I found something I liked better (probably a Gretsch). My wife has wanted a Mosrite ever since visiting the Booneville, Arkansas Mosrite factory and trying out a freshly finished one. She freaked when I told her I had one back in 1980 and got rid of it. I want to find her a nice '60s Ventures Model eventually.


I've had one of just about everything-except a Mosrite.Does anyone make good reissues under the Mosrite name? I've seen some nice looking pics at Ed Roman's website,but there have been less-than-complimentary things said about that outlet.


I'm eaten up with the idea of a short scale Mosrite like Polecats has


Mosrite's current status is kind of confusing to me. Ed Roman's says they are the "official" Mosrite now and Semie Moseley's daughter Dana works/worked with them creating the guitars. The "official" Mosrite website featuring Dana Moseley is all in Japanese, including prices of the guitars in Yen. Supposedly, Semie's fourth wife Loretta Moseley ran afoul of Ed Roman's, having cheap imports made with the Mosrite trademark. I can't figure it all out.


My short-lived affair with a wonderful Fender Coronado 2 XII. Wish I'd never let it go,but I needed the money, and I've kinda regretted it since.


My wonderful and sadly departed Framus Jan Akkerman .


Completely off-topic, here's Jan the Geetar Meister ... playing a strat and sounding like Hank Marvin)

What is that bizarre Dada-esque stage act all about? methinks the singer shouldn't give up his day job... Maybe there are some tablets he could take.

I particularly like the part where the bassist nearly smacks the rhythm guitarist round the head with his Precision headstock..

It only gets funnier after that (please see 'Yokohama')


I kinda like these guys!


Nash T-52 tele. Best tele I've ever played. Should have never sold it.


I had one of the first lone star strats and literally the first re-issue jaguar (got it a a guitar show back in the 90s--which had a thicker, wider neck, actually than most)--and I had a telesonic... I miss them all daily.


Gibson J-45 from the early ‘60s. Sold it around 1980 for $250, which was the going rate in those days.

I sold an early ‘60s Martin D-21 a few years later for $600, or so. Another fine acoustic that is now worth exponentially more as a “vintage” guitar than it was when it was simply “used.”


I had a black MIM Fender Telecaster ‘72 Custom with a 3 bolt maple neck. The kind Keith used most in the late 70’s/80’s. I got it for $400. I’ve debated buying the Squier CV version with the 4 bolt neck, but I’m hoping someday I’ll find a MIM version for under $700.


I had a 1957 Gibson Futura (that I inherited), that I had to let go, and I've regretted it ever since. Not the funky Norlin can opener shaped Futura, but the real thing. Right after I sold it, my financial situation dramatically improved, and I've been kicking myself in the butt since, for letting that beauty go prematurely.


I sold them all for a reason and really don't regret any of them. I had a couple of lovely cadillac green Vikings '67 & '68 but I just reached a point where I went off double cuts and could only consider single cutaway guitars.


My first I-don't-know-what year tele. Bought it in 1977 and it was a well worn (but not dinged) maple neck blonde with a faded white pickguard. Could it have been pre-CBS? I don't know. They were just old guitars then. Neck pickup replaced with a mini-humbucker by a guy called John Birch ( his name lives on http://www.johnbirchguitars...). I will never forget how happy it made me. I sold it because I'd just bought a 1964 Chet Atkins Nashville 6120 DC. Sold that in a time of crisis. Miss that too.


My '39 Paramount Archtop.

If you have ever seen the movie "A Soldier's Story" then you've seen it.

I got it cheap as someone just wanted to rid themselves of old movie props.

It played and sounded wonderfully, but I traded it for a mandolin because I thought I might be a bluegrass picker.

I'm not.

Now I can't even find a picture of it on the internet.

More salt in the wound...turns out Paramount made banjos...the guitars were jobbed out to Martin!


I miss the Gretsch Spectra Sonic that I swapped with Brian for the BZ Jet. Love the jet, but miss that SS’s sound and feel. They’d have made a nice pair.


Had an Aztec Gold '57 Reissue Strat with a cool soft 'V' neck profile, that I bought at the Philly Guitar Show many years ago with the help of my friend Neal (who has a vintage guitar business and had a booth at the show). I sold it to Neal a couple years later who in turn, sold it to a friend of his. Fast forward about a year from then and I see an Aztec Gold 57 reissue Strat hanging at the local Guitar Center. I knew of a tiny dent in the neck of mine and sure enough..it was my old Strat! Unfortunately, with the marked up price they were asking (and financially/ spousely- hehe!) I just couldn't buy it back at the time.

But I should have.....! I had a second chance and blew it... doh!


Probably my Gibson J-45. When I bought mine, they were still reasonably priced, which is part of the reason why I never replaced it with another J-45.


A Carvin D160 Stereo. Probably the silkiest neck I ever played. Sold it to finance some maple Slingerland concert toms.


An early 70's Gibson ES-175D. Blonde. Gorgeous.


Oh there are a few.

My 1977 Gretsch Super Chet was one,i sold it to my uncle to help finance my old Gent,with the promise of getting first refusal if he sold it,i didn't.

Richie Sambora owns it now,so at least it went to a good home.

1989 Rickenbacker 325V59 mapleglo

Early 90's MIJ 50's Strat which had the best v neck on any guitar i've ever played.

But of all of them i really wish i had back the Epiphone Sheraton my dad bought me when i was 16,sold to the same uncle as the Super Chet ,same thing happened,was never even asked ,and it too was gone. Would love the Westone Spectrum bass my dad bought me for Christmas 1985 too,i traded that one away.


Mosrite's current status is kind of confusing to me. Ed Roman's says they are the "official" Mosrite now and Semie Moseley's daughter Dana works/worked with them creating the guitars. The "official" Mosrite website featuring Dana Moseley is all in Japanese, including prices of the guitars in Yen. Supposedly, Semie's fourth wife Loretta Moseley ran afoul of Ed Roman's, having cheap imports made with the Mosrite trademark. I can't figure it all out.

– duojet55

I hate to speak ill of those who have passed, but what Ed Roman was selling were basically either Japanese made Mosrite copies or guitars he was having assembled in his workshop from Japanese made parts. This is not to say that the Ed Roman "Mosrites" were bad guitars. Many MIJ Mosrite copies are excellent instruments. Now whether or not Ed Roman actually had the legal rights to the Mosrite name has been debated but the real issue for many was Roman's incessant insistence that all Mosrite style guitars, other than his MIJ replicas (being passed off as made in USA real legit, boutique built) were rip off import junk. Roman went as far to accuse the Hallmark Ramones model guitar as being a rip off fake and his Ramones model as being the only officially "endorsed" real Mosrite Ramones model. Again, ironically, the Hallmark Ramones model is actually truly endorsed and licensed by the Ramones while the Roman model was not and again, not really a USA made Mosrite. With regards to getting your hands on another Mosrite, I would recommend these options: 1) Find a real vintage Mosrite in decent shape (might be more than a bit pricey) 2) Find an upscale level Japanese replica; it'll most likely be well made but not the easiest thing to find in the USA. Check Reverb and GC website used guitar listings (there have been some decent deals on MIJ Mosrites found there 3) This is what I did, check out the Hallmark website and get a Hallmark Custom 60 or Custom 65. They are beautifully made (kind of a hybrid of Korean and USA manufacture), fix most of the original Mosrite issues w/ a slightly wider zero fret width, crowned frets, better materials/construction on the Vibramute and roller bridge and reasonably priced (999.99 w/ HSC). Bob Shade who owns Hallmark is great to deal with (Bob has been restoring vintage Mosrites for a long time and knows more about them than probably anyone) and worth getting in touch with whether you are interested in a Hallmark or just have questions regarding Mosrites in general. Just my two cents Oh yeah....guitar I wish I still had, actually there are two: 80's MIJ Ibanez ES175 copy (as good, may be better than a real Gibson of that era). Played, looked and sounded great w/ a really terrific pair of Ibanez Super 58 pu's. The other was an early 80's Rickenbacker 330/12 in natural finish because....well.....it was a Rick 12 .


Well, I always knew Ed Roman was full of sheep dip, but I didn't know what the deal was with Mosrite's ownership. I spoke with Semie over the phone circa '88 about his guitars, but we had just started our guitar shop (1986) and Mosrites were a little too rich for the crowd we were catering to. Later, a friend of ours became a Mosrite consignment dealer with several nice guitars, but after Semie died, Loretta and two of her heavies came into his shop and demanded the guitars back. My future wife was a guitar instructor there and remembers that beautiful purple Mosrite she had her eye on leaving with them. We did look at the Hallmark website and they look gorgeous, especially that greenburst.


Washburn Explorer Bass. Really nice to play, sounded great too. I sold it cos it had the worst neck dive ever. Found out later I could’ve solved that easily by moving the strap pins. At least I made a profit on it, if that’s any consolation to me.

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