Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday carolcat8!


Happy birthday wishes go out to carolcat8, the blushing bride of FritzTheCat, and one of our favorite attendees at the California Roundup. Carol, I hope that you have a great birthday today. Make Fritz take you out to an expensive dinner to celebrate! Have a great one.


Happy Birthday Carol! Hope it's splendid in every way!


Have a super B-day, Carol!


It was shortly after the first Thanksgiving that Newton laid down the rules and laws that govern the orbits of the Planets which helps us more accurately predict when our Birthdays will get here in the next seventeen million years. Oops I guess we don't need that kinda accuracy after all.

Anyway; Happy Birthday!


Thank you everyone! And thank you Ric for starting this, and the lovely flowers Yes, FritzCat took me out to a nice dinner. Rock on!!!


Happy Birthday CarolCat!


Happy Birthday, Carol!

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