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Guild T50 Slim


I was wondering if any had any experiences with the newer Guild T50 Slim? I’m in a rockabilly/roots combo and I’m the singer/rhythm guitarist. I normally play a J45, but I’m looking to change it up a little and was wondering if anyone had any experiences with them good or bad. Thanks!



It sure looks like a good bet. Guild is just as down w/ rockabilly as Gretsch. Acoustic rhythm guitar is hard to beat for that stuff but but still has that sort of crashy sound, and more rolled off neck pickup scene might work too esp if your lead guy has Fender sound going (treble)


Thanks! Yeah, the J45 sounds great, but hoping a nice “rhythm-y” hollowbody could give a nice tone too and a little change of pace too. The “rolled off” idea would help keep the more “woody” tone that roots rhythm that I should have. I was looking at the Guild T50 and the A150 Savoy to perhaps deliver that tone. I just added a tune to the radio section here. I think we have a good sound, just looking for a little variation.


I think that will work well for what you're after. The Guild Newark St Franz repos are excellent pickups, for starters. I also did the same thing with a single p-90, non-cutaway as a kind of bridge between my J-45 and my Gretschs, and it worked like a charm. The key is to put on flat wound strings and a wooden bridge.


I looked it up when I read the post and dang what a beauty of a guitar. I’d love to play one in person, I hope to one day


Thanks for the replies! Looking forward to being able to try one soon. The videos and reviews I’ve seen seem pretty positive.


So after I read the original post I got curious and went and did some research on this guitar. I've been looking for something to compliment my 5420, not compete with it or add another copy of it. And to make a long story short I found a used one on Reverb at a great price and it's now my #2 guitar.

The fit and finish is amazing, it's gorgeous and every detail harmonizes with the design and look. The neck is perfect for my grip, the frets nicely polished, the acoustic tone is nice, not as loud of my deeper bodied Gretsch, of course. It's light as a feather.

I'm not P-90 savvy so I can't speak to the tone of the pickup much, other than it's not Filtertron sparkly, and it's a neck pickup. I'm a bridge pickup kind of guy so I'm in a learning curve of letting the guitar tell me what sounds the best. I'm playing more of my "jazzier" songs on it and softer country music. It lends itself well to Chicago blues, but I don't do that kind of music much, so I'm leaning towards "prettier" sounding stuff.

Again, this is not my primary guitar, but it fits a niche really well and I'm glad I bought it and would do again. Thanks to the OP for bringing it to my/our attention



Congratulations! Guild has a lot to offer.

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