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Guild Newark Polara s-100 questions


I have several questions about the Newark Guild Polara? Does anyone have one? What are the pickups like? Are they bright or mellow? Are they heavy? Is the action low? How is the quality? What color do you have? Thanks


The minibuckers on the first run are bright. The reissue HB-1s are supposed to be close to the old ones, i.e. clear for a humbucker. I don't have one personally, but I think a couple on LTG do.


A guy on letstalkguild.com reviews a lot of Guild guitars (usually his own) and published a review of the Newark Street S-100. I tried to link it here but it doesn't seem to want to be linked. Google GAD's Guilds and you should be able to track it down. Short version: He liked it. A lot!


I have the DeArmond version. Picked it up at a yard sale for $75. Like the color. Darker in tone than an SG. I think the S-100 is a very noble pursuit, Dig. An uncommon guitar with a unique feel and sound.


They need to bring back the kickstand.


I've played one. Not a bad reissue of the real thing at all, nice neck, pickups sound a lot like the real deal --> bright, powerful humbucker.

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